What if everyone in the world [okay, maybe just the country] broke the same rule for just one day?

I mean, think about the nature of rules. Everyone has to abide by them, whether it’s the rules set by the household, the rules set by some agency [like the Highway Code, for instance] and the rules [Laws] set by government. Some of them are just ludicrous, like the extremes of health and safety, but others are there for a reason – like stopping at a red light or not murdering people. [Obviously not murdering people is pretty important…]

But what would happen if everyone stopped abiding the rules for one day? What would happen? If people jumped red lights the whole day… well, it would be chaos wouldn’t it? There would be accidents everywhere, and it would become a fight for survival. If something like that happened I would avoid getting in my car for a very long time, I think. It would bring the entire country to a grinding halt because when it comes to breaking rules, even if it’s one as simple as stopping at a red light. Rules are there to be respected because they are there for a reason.

So when people to try to wheel spin out of the garage and then either hit a wall, or other cars… it’s your own damn fault for being a dick, and clearly shouldn’t be allowed on the road. I hope you get your ass sued off you….

I’m not actually sure what happened in this post! LOL.

Take care,