So it turns out that I failed NaBloPoMo for November. This wasn’t for any particular reason – there was no drama that meant that I would fail – I simply went to bed one night and forgot to write or even post anything to keep up the pretense of NaBlo.To be honest I am a bit gutted that I missed out on this win, but at the end of the day I had a few more important things to focus on – such as actually winning National Novel Writing Month, which I did for the third year out of four. The only year I failed was the first year I did it – 2007 – as I had to focus on the other stuff in my life – like my university coursework [slightly more important than writing an original novel lol

So here is the blog that sort of draws a line under all that is November. No doubt I’ll end up leaving the blog again, despite the fact that I always try to update more regularly than I do [the problem that I have here is that I generally feel as though I have nothing to say of any importance to anyone who could even read this]. Despite this, I want to make an effort to update more and I’ll explain that comment in a bit.

My novel this year wasn’t very good. I enjoyed the idea that I had – which allowed me to keep writing, to keep the momentum going – but the writing itself was flatter than a pancake. Compared to last year, and most definitely the years before that, this years writing is the worst that I could ever have come up with. This isn’t just a post-NaNo downer on my writing either, it’s simply fact. There was less cohesion in what I was writing, less structure. And the characters were the most 2D characters that I could ever have written.

This year as well – one reason why I’ve delayed writing this round-up blog – my hands were hurting so much this year. I have a friend who suffers from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and I didn’t want to over do the writing and risk developing the condition myself. A couple of nights I went to bed with real aching pains in my hands and fingers – and from this I made sure that the next day I took either a day where I wrote a lot less or simply didn’t write anything at all. This meant that I spent other days trying to write double the word count – I think at one point I was something like 7,000 words behind.

But nonetheless I really enjoyed this years challenge. At the beginning of the month I wasn’t sure if I was even going to participate, and over 50,000 words later I’m glad I did. It allowed me to re-connected with friends online that I think I sort of took for granted before, and allowed me to see other friends in a different light. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t make friends easily as I don’t trust a lot of people, but the people who I do make with friends with I loathe to lose. I just wish my internet friends, and my uni friends, lived a lot closer to me than they are. It would make for a less lonely existence in a town where I don’t know a soul outside of work.

I would like to make the effort to update this blog more because I want to try to keep more on top of current events than I usually am. My dream job is to be a journalist, which I know is a bit of a long shot when I haven’t got any writing history [outside of NaNo] to speak of. So if I write my blog more, then perhaps I can entertain the idea of being a journalist in a more realistic light. Or, I should just stop watching Lois and Clark.

For now though, I shall end this here and leave you to go about your daily business.

Take care!