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There are several things that I’d like to mention in this entry, so I guess I’ll start with how my thought processes works and the end result. At the moment, none of what I am writing makes much sense, but it will do. I hope. This idea is something that I’ve only just developed so bare with me as I try to muddle it all out and go through things in my mind. I’m sure there’s another blog that sounds very similar to this, but with the new year coming in fast, what better way to try to start something new and complex.

Okay, so first things first, I now own a Kindle eReader [something that my wonderful boyfriend bought for me just a few days ago – and not for Christmas ;)]. Random start, but things do start to fall into place.

Before I had an eReader I didn’t much like them, being honest. I had considered the idea behind them, and that was pretty cool, and it’s always been my dream to own a library, but there’s nothing that can replace the feel of a book in your hands as you get absorbed into someone else’s world and discover their secrets. Having a Kindle, although I haven’t read much yet on it, it is showing me a different side to reading books. Nothing ever will replace the physical library I am going to own one day, however, it is great for discovering new books and authors. I now have this duel going on in my mind – do I buy the digital copy of a book, or the physical, or spend more money on both? Ideally, I’d like both, but that is along the lines of throwing away money.

The Amazon ebooks, however, do seem rather expensive, and in the period just after Christmas where Decembers pay has to last something like six weeks, buying books isn’t top of my list. So free books and samples it is. It is here that my brain began to work and an idea began to develop as I searched the Amazon store, both online and through the Kindle itself for books across the board that would keep me satisfied and entertained whilst not wanting to spend a lot of money. For instance, I’d love to have Stephen King’s most recent novel, but on Kindle at £9.99 at this point in time I would rather spend an extra few quid and buy the hardback version. It’ll probably come down in price when the book goes paperback – but until then I would rather wait.

So where is this so far rather rambling entry going you may wonder?

I am very unlikely to ever have my own book published, unless I get into the self publishing game, which requires a lot of input for a more likely a loss over gain, so I have to approach the situation in a different manner, something that I would probably have never considered without getting the Kindle. Writing, like photography, is my hobby. I love to do it, and at the moment I don’t do it enough, except for the insane challenge once a year to write a 50,000 word novel – which in the majority of circles is actually considered a novella… a book that is slightly less than a novel.

Out of the past 4 attempts at National Novel Writing Month I have won three, lost one. But, this means that I have  four potential plot ideas to develop into full-blown novels… which could then be developed into a free eBook. A free eBook that would help my writing get recognised across the board, and then perhaps, pave the way to becoming a professional writer…

Of course, this is only the beginning of an idea, a half-formed plan that needs a lot more thought, dedication, and planning. To write a ‘real’ novel, unlike things like NaNo, I need to do things like research and dedicate more time than I could ever imagine to the cause. Actually go out to places like – shockingly – the local libraries and in the environment where my writing could flourish. Possibly, the dream of entering the world of journalism [sans the phone hacking, of course] may not be as dream-like as it is at the moment.

If all else fails, I’ll go back to university and do my Masters. But for now, this is something that I would love to give a go. I’m not the next JK Rowling, but I can write, and I would love other people to be able to enjoy the stories that are in my head, I want to tell the stories of people like Jarren and Annabel, Jonathon Briggs, Detective Edward Hewitt, Jameson, Amelia Ravensbourne, maybe even Hannah Pepper…. these are my characters, and it’s time I told their stories to the world. To you, even, reading this blog.

The question is – do I start with a completely new idea, or build on what I have?