It’s that time of the year again when people make a few fake promises to themselves – for instance, go on a diet, or quit smoking, go to the gym, be more active – but these promises are false as people go cold turkey and think that it will solve their addiction problems. I should know, I’ve made enough promises to myself to give up drinking Dr Pepper [which, for the most part I’m drinking the diet stuff these days so it’s really not so bad…]

But regardless of these resolutions it is a new year. A New Year is symbolic for numerous reasons, for some people it’s out with the old and in with the new, a fresh start after a rubbish year, or simply to enjoy the coming year more than the last, regardless of whether it was a bad one or not. It is a celebration of the potential that the coming weeks will have.

In the new year – well I suppose I should really say simply ‘next year’ I am going to Egypt in July. I have wanted to go to Egypt for the longest time, and I seriously hope [selfishly] that there isn’t anything in the way of riots or discord that could threaten that holiday. We are going to be based in Sharm el Sheikh and travel out – people who have been to Egypt tell me that the pyramids – the foremost icon that is associated with anything to do with the country – are the biggest disappointment. I want to see them, to experience their magnificence, but I want to find out for myself what they are about, and how they make me feel. I’m sure that I’ll post regular updates about our plans closer to the time.

The one thing that I want to make sure that I do in the coming year, something that I feel I don’t do at the moment, it to simply get out and live more. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have the plans to putting a novel together, and even had an idea to link up my foremost characters into one [slightly complex?] novel, which means that I’ll be spending time out of the house as I wish to spend more time in places like libraries. I want to use this opportunity to make more friends but I know that I won’t do anything about it. I barely keep the friends that I do have – simply because I think relationships are two-way streets – I’m not the person to do all the chasing – but I would love to have more friends. So maybe spending more time out of the house will allow me to be more confident in myself and develop the social skills needed in order to make more friends. Maybe.

I am very excited about developing my novel idea. I am planning on dedicating a certain about of time each week to the project – whether at home or out and about somewhere – and utilising my penmanship skills and being a better author.

Forget the past, and move into the future; I hope the New Year is better than the last, and full of love, joy and everything that you desire.

I think that will be all for now – Happy New Year to all!!