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So this is the first official post of the new year. I wanted to update more frequently but despite this want, I still feel as though I actually have nothing of importance to say. This is something that will change in the future as I begin to realise the direction I wish to take this blog, and enhance my writing skills in general. Perhaps one day I can be that journalist I wish to be!

I think one of the reasons why I’d love to get into journalism is because I watch the news [the local news is actually hilarious] the news that is reported in the local papers [“rags” as some people call them] is truly awful. Local news is the worst for having decent stories. Local papers [obviously] vary from place to place, headlines ranging from [and please, this is a slight exaggeration] “zomg…a tree fell down” to something as equally as ridiculous as “find missing cat”. It’s like papers can’t report interesting and good  news without being over the top and looking more like a comic than anything else. And the sections inside that relate to localities? Usually just a bunch of WI meetings. Seriously, I didn’t realise those things still happened. Here I would post a clip of the film “Calender Girls” but can’t find the one I want, naturally.

One of the reasons that I am writing today is because I am feeling extremely bored. One of my old school teachers used to say that boredom was a lack of creativity. Whilst I’m sure that’s a pretty generic teacher style answer to give for boredom, I do agree with it. And yet, I am still feeling bored. Today, aside from this morning, I’ve spent the majority of it alone. Being on my own is something I enjoy a great deal, I can keep my own company, but this evening particularly I’ve become bored. It doesn’t help that my camera battery has died [see Facebook and DeviantArt for some of my recent photography] and there is nothing on the TV that is piquing my interest. Added to that I could well be either reading Wicked which I’m struggling with, in all honesty, or planning out my epic novel [mentioned in this post]. I’ve had a fairly busy week with work, and sometimes, you just don’t want to be doing anything too taxing on the brain… but still, it leaves me in this situation where I feel bored. This a rare event for me, and as you can tell I’m spewing a whole bunch of junk here in lieu of the fact.

Something that I’ve pledged myself to do in the new year is to make sure that I develop my photography skills. I’m pretty sure I said the same thing this time last year, but this year I really have it in my head to take chances on so much more and to develop my talent in photography. I’ve always said that if I ever win the lottery [and get more than the £5.90 I got the other week] I would go into professional photography with my sister Mims. We’d be such an awesome team :)

I’m proud of my photography, but I want to go from creating “good” photo’s to “brilliant” photo’s. I know I can get there it’s just practice. The awesome images are rarely going to be those first captured. The only thing I hate to do, which I’m sure that most people do, is post processing. I know it adds to the photo, clears up “mess” and “noise” but the final image is generally not the same image that was captured. But then… those are the best. So maybe I should get into it.

I think I’ll leave this rather rambling post here for the time being and update you all soon!