So, in line with the new attitude that I have this year, I have attempted something new – something that I have never tried before [except for when I was a young child and it turned out horribly wrong…] – and that is knitting. I can honestly say that I only have the bad memories that I have of my childhood attempts at knitting, but not letting this dominate, I have the beginnings of a scarf.

There’s no particular reason for me to do this except for the fact that I wanted to do something nice for my boyfriend. For Christmas he bought me a Ravenclaw scarf, and I sort of wanted to return to the favour by making him a Hufflepuff scarf – it transpires that he is a Hufflepuff [this isn’t exactly a surprise haha].

So, I wanted to post just to declare my latest project – alongside attempting to develop and then write my novel, finish my cross stitch, and keep up my photography – but this is a skill that I’d really like to develop – think how nice it would be to make my own stuff in the future!

Once this is finished I plan to try to make more Harry Potter themed stuff as well :)

Anyways, more to follow soon, pictures included!