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Yesterday I had to send my car to the car hospital for the first time ever. This was a little sad for me, since I’ve had my car I’ve not had it taken away from me/ not been near it. It’s always been there in case I’ve needed – and at worst it’s only been a 20 minute walk away. So it was such a strange experience not having the option to jump in the car and just go out. To… to be back to how I was before I had my license and my car.

I didn’t think that I would ever be as attached to my car as I now am. I guess, in an age where I live at home with my parents, my car more than ever symbolises my independence as I can just get in it and go.

Just think – I was feeling like there for the few hours that my car, which I should add, is called “Pearl” after The Black Pearl [because she’s black] – how would it be if the problem was much more serious? Alex has only just got his car back after the alternator had died, and that was in the shop for about a week and a half. I’m not sure how I would cope.

This has developed a new idea for me though – and that is to basically cut my losses with Pearl – she is about 12 years old, and despite this is my first problem with her, it won’t be the last – what if I trade Pearl in and get a “younger” model. A newer car. It is certainly something to think about. But the thing with this is that I’ve always thought that I would simply run a car into the ground before getting a new car – and this doesn’t feel like I would be doing that. But it is certainly something that I am going to consider, assuming that I could afford to by a new[er] car in the meantime. I would really love a new sound system, mine is pretty rubbish in Pearl.

I guess what I’ve learnt throughout the past couple of days is how easily I’ve fallen victim to being in love with my car. I remember reading an article [a while ago now] about how Britain is full of “oil addicts” and I can now understand the idea a lot better. I love having the ability to have my car, my license and just go out and drive. I know that when I have my days off I love to be able to go out shopping, if not shopping then out for the day – usually with Alex – whether it’s the cinema, the coast or a day out doing photography [which I have been slacking on a bit these last few weeks].

Speaking of photography I’m going to take down the photography page on here, I want to develop it a bit before I re-launch it. If I re-launch it. I’m not exactly sure of how many people actually look/pursue it.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks!