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I recently bought the first three volumes of the Sailor Moon manga. I was a little dubious about buying the books as I really, ridiculously, loved the anime – a lot. I used to really identified with Sailor Moon, her character, her… just her general everything. [But then, I do tend to identify with lead characters more than any other].

When I was at university I started re-watching the series again, and although I never finished [I did have actual work to be getting on with as well, then I discoveredThe Simpsons online website where there was every episode EVER. I think that one has been shut down now].

Reading the manga is pretty awesome. There were a lot more filler episodes in the anime, the books are much shorter and more the point which… makes me wonder how many they are going to publish. The coloured artwork is outstanding, and I love that the first couple of pages are in colour [just think about how awesome it would be… and expensive… if it was all in colour]. It’s a bit weird when thinking about the storyline though, as the English [American] version of the anime and the Japanese version had slightly different out comes – for instance, and this is probably because of the culture difference – Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were a couple [I suppose I should add that the sailor scouts are all girls], in the American version they were ‘cousins’. Yeah, work that out.

Anyway, the manga is beautiful EXCEPT the fact that I’m now on the third volume and it’s not printed right. Like, seriously, some of the pages are upside down/back to front [so… right way round for the English]… a friend of mine said that it could also be missing pages, something that warrants investigation. I would contact Amazon, except I actually have no idea how to… any help on that front?