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Today was pretty awesome. I baked mum’s birthday cake which looks pretty cool:

I spent the day with Alex and Ma. This is pretty all I want to say, but I can’t leave a decent blog at just two lines, so perhaps I ought to mention a few other things as well.

I actually baked two cakes today, but the hedgehog one is the most amazing. When I entered the Costa “Barista of the Year” competition last year and thinking about the drink that I was to create for it, my mum got me this book called The Chocolate and Coffee Bible and when I first got it I marked out various recipes that I wanted to try, and this hedgehog was one of the them. Agreed, he’s a little flatter in the middle than he should be, and under went a few nasal reconstructions, but it’s really not bad for a first attempt.

I really enjoyed making this, and although I had a few moans at Alex, we managed to finish it on talking terms. I know it sounds silly, but my kitchen space is just that, and I get territorial when it comes to cooking. Seriously territorial. LOL.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog, and I’ll let you know how good the cake tastes ;)