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Electric Dreams…

This commercial has been playing on British TV for a couple of weeks now, possibly slightly longer. When I first saw the advert I really didn’t understand what it was all about. I actually thought it was something to do with, a.] Worms, the game series, b.] condoms, c] something other. Then I saw it again. And again. Then I YouTube’d it because I was fascinated by this little worm like thing dancing to music advertising a brand of electricity.

After a bit of research I found out that the product that the EDF Mascot “Zingy” [apparently] was based on was called “My Keepon”. There are two versions of this, from what I gather from the research I’ve done. One version is approximately $30,000.00. Yes that’s right. But there is a reason behind this – these “toys” are made specifically for autistic people/children to, I think, help them interact with… anything? Perhaps it’s to help them interact with people more effectively because the robots have a lot of personality. The second version, the “cheap” version, from what I’ve seen has a varying price tag ranging from approximately £60.00 on Play.com to £17.99 in Argos. Naturally, Argos didn’t have any in all the stores I searched online in the Kent area of the UK. I ended up buying mine from Amazon for £25.00 which I didn’t think was too bad.

I must stress that I brought this on impulse. I don’t generally buy things on impulse at all, but this I did. After watching that EDF advert about a million times. Some would suggest that I am a slave to consumerism, but I like to think I am being a slave to my inner child. Lol.

Lol to this. This isn’t my own, but still it’s pretty cool and demonstrates some of what the dancing robot can do. I need a name for mine! I know it’s only a robot and really is, well not human, but these little things actually do have a lot of personality! And personality deserves names. Like cars. My car is called Pearl, named after the Black Pearl! [If you need to know where that reference comes from you must be living in a shell. Or stranded on a desert island somewhere without Johnny Depp pirates].

I plan to make a video with my little dancing robot at some point [I did a test video for Facebook but can’t link in as I can’t find a link…], possibly over the weekend but I am unsure of the time yet, but when I do I shall ensure I post it here as well. Words cannot actually describe how much I love this little thing!

That’ll be all, but I genuinely needed to share how happy this has made me.