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This year, I really wanted to write a blog entry at least once a week – you know the kind, updates about life, achievements, about the things that have gone on – perhaps a bit about current affairs and opinions – however, this hasn’t happened, and even now as I sit here and type I cannot think of how I let this slip. I have been trying to write over the past few weeks as there’s been a lot that I wanted to talk about and share with you [readers]. A couple of times I’ve had decent sized entries written, and then when it came to actually pressing the “Publish” button I just couldn’t.

I haven’t been happy with my writing skills recently. I know I can write, and I know I can write relatively well. I have all these ideas zooming around my head, but when it comes to putting pen to paper, it gets jumbled. I know I’ve written about this… writers block, I guess, before, and it probably feels like a broken record, but I seem to be able to write about that more than anything else. When I was on the WordPress Dashboard the other day I noticed that some of my really old entries – dating back to 2010 – had been read, so I had a read too of the stuff from back then. There was the epic!fail of September’s NaBlo from the same year, but the writing, when it was there rather than filler posts, I feel, was of a much better quality than it is today. Writing is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised or it will whither.

More than writing here though, I really want to write – just anything. As I mentioned above, I have this idea in my head about a post apocalyptic future, set in England. The only thing is I was browsing the shelves of WHSmiths I noticed one book [let’s face it, you always judge a book by its cover, despite what the cliché says]. I looked at this particular book and it seems that the premise is fairly similar to the idea that I had… which makes me think that I cannot really write what I thought would have been a unique idea. Any thoughts on this idea would be welcomed, and I think I’ll have to have a read of the book that I saw*.

Before I end this blog I want to write about a few things that I have been up to/been working on since February. I can’t remember if I posted about the fact that I finished the Hufflepuff scarf that I made for my boyfriend, Alex, which was my first ever knitting project. This is a picture of the final product:

When viewing this please bear in mind that it was my first ever project! And Alex loves it, and that’s all that matters really. This was done in a typical “knit” stitch, but I am perfecting the art of knit/purl to get  the typical knitted effect that it most commonly used in this craft. Also, I didn’t have any black thread when I was sewing the crest on! But at least it’s unique!

We went to an Arts and Craft fair recently and it made me realise that it doesn’t matter how much I try to do, regardless of the activity, I’ll always be an amateur [I don’t feel as though I’m a particularly crafty person], but despite this, after I finished the scarf, I went out and got more supplies, skinnier needles and started knitting small Slytherin and Ravenclaw book scarfs, both of which have turned out better than I expected – although I have a tendency to forget to count the lines and the Ravenclaw one has turned out slightly bigger than the Slytherin on. I will make the remaining two houses and post a picture… then I can send them out as gifts.

Once I feel more proficient in my skills, and I can remember to actually count the lines [I know this sounds pathetic but I find it quite difficult because it confuses me when I add colours in! Again, any hints would be appreciated as I have some ideas for people for their birthday/Christmas presents] I would like to try to create a tank top/vest type jumper so that I can wear it to work instead of my body warmer as it would be slightly more practical!

Also recently I have finished a Cross Stitch that I have been working on for the better part of a year and a half. Well, I say “finish” I opted out of doing a whole bunch of back stitching as I just wanted it to be finished and done simply because of how long I had been working on it!

This is the picture of the canvas before I ironed it – clearly – it still has the ring mark of the hoop I used. Once I finished this I felt accomplished, and a little bit empty as this was what I was picking up to do when I would suffer “boredom” [my old English teacher used to tell us boredom was a lack of creativity – and I agree with this, and then I hate myself when I get “bored” lol].

So, two major projects that I’ve been working on for some time have been finished, which makes me feel very good about a lot of things. And makes me feel a lot more artsy than I have been, but I also want to try to nurture my crafts. Like I said I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as the people at the arts and crafts fair, but I like the idea of being able to make things, especially clothes as I think it would be a great skill to have – yarn is certainly cheaper than buying new clothes and could be more along the side of “size perfect” which, despite Claire Sweeney’s adverts, really doesn’t exist with store-bought clothes.

Before I burn your eyes out with all this verbal diarrhoea, I’m not sure if you remember but a while back I posted about some issues I was having with my car. Well, since then I’ve had the car put through and MOT [if you’re not British, it means the car goes to the shop and gets tested to whether it’s legally allowed on the road]. Well. Pearl failed her MOT really quite spectacularly – and on pretty much everything. Which means that the lovely Fiat 500 I test drove back in March, I know own a model of!

This car was the car that I wanted ever since I started taking lessons a year ago. I couldn’t tell you what attracts me to them in the slightest, but I love them, and I love my new car :) sorting out the new insurance was a pain in the backside though, as I had to pay money to cancel the old policy as my insurance would have gone up a ridiculous amount – despite trying to tell them I had a better quote elsewhere and wanted to stay with my company – but it wasn’t to be. Which means I have to pay some astronomical fee to cancel the first insurance in order to have the second. Lol.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there for the time being, and sorry if your eyes are bleeding!