With only two weeks left until I leave for my holiday in Egypt with Alex, it feels like there’s so much to do… and that isn’t even remotely related to preparing and packing for said holiday. You know that I am excited about this holiday as 1] I have always wanted to go to Egypt, to feel the sun on my skin, to see the sights, the Pyramids – I have always been fascinated with Egyptian mythology, 2] I want to completely experience a different culture, to see what it has top offer, and, lastly, 3] It will totally fulfil my Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fantasy. Expect pictures. Seriously, two weeks. When did this happen?

This is week I am going to see Combichrist on Thursday – which is really exciting as I missed them the previous year as I was on holiday [you know, it’s that time of year] – although I have seen them twice before. I can’t describe what being there is like – to be in the throng of people in Combichrist fashion… it’s electric. To listen to their music live, to have it so completely pumping through your body – it’s amazing! Right now I am trying to decide what to wear [how… unlike me, lol]

The other thing is a friends 50th birthday party next weekend, which I am looking forwards too as I haven’t seen him for a long while. And hopefully there’ll be a few other people I haven’t seen for… well, actually, years. It’s shocking, when I think about it, that I started university something like 5 years ago, which also means that I’ve known my on-line buddies for at least five and half years, if not longer.

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown.

It actually makes me feel old. But I shall not focus on this aspect.

I have been trying to expand my creativity and general skills recently. As you all know I knitted Alex a scarf, and since then I have knitted a couple more small items – a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin book scarf – and I have plans to make another big scarf, this time for Nuri, and I would like to make myself a jumper. But before I make the jumper I’m trying master the basic skills, which is taking a bit longer than I anticipated – not that I am going to let this affect me.

My current project is trying to make an elephant cuddly toy. It’s on the smallest needles that I’ve ever worked on, and so is making my hands/fingers hurt a bit [no wonder old people suffer from arthritis] but I think I hold the yarn and the needles way to tightly. Ma says that I knit very tightly too.

Last week I made my first ever commissioned cheesecake too which makes me very happy :D

I know that this is a short post, but I’m sure I’ll update again soon, and hopefully [because once a week isn’t working for me at the moment] I’ll update at least once a month.

[I feel as though I should add a small mention of my car, you know, seeing as I did in the last post. I have had my car for approximately 6 weeks… and have done something like 1200 miles in it already! This is epic because it shows just how much mileage I do. I thought I generally just went to work and back, but actually, looks like I do a lot more personal driving than I realised. I hope I don’t go over my estimated mileage! You never know… I think it’s a case of the novelty of having a new car :D]

Take care folks!