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Today is the day that one of my dreams will be coming true. Dreams coming true is a bit of an odd experience for me, mainly because I am not overly sure what constitutes a “dream” and whether it coming true actually makes it a dream in the first place. I mean, there’s the unrealistic stuff, like winning the lottery – that’s a dream, right? – And that coming true isn’t something that you can predict, you just have to “be in it to win it”. That’s just luck.

This year, one of my “dreams” came true when I got my Fiat 500. My “dream” car. [I love it by the way, it is simply made of win. I have decided to name her Bessie – as it is another thing to name inanimate objects… Nuri has this thing about naming iPods, I name my cars]. So anyway, this dream came true and I now have/own Bessie the Fiat 500.

Today I leave for my first ever holiday to Africa/Egypt. I have always wanted to go to Egypt more so because I get to pretend to be Lara Croft for two weeks. Sort of. Not really. When I was a kid I used to think that I would discover a new Pharaohs tomb that would change the understanding of Egyptian history. Of course, this is very unlikely to happen, but I can dream about that right? [There we go, I mentioned that word again! Dream!]

This is going to be an interesting couple of week. I cannot wait to experience the Egyptian culture, the sites and sounds!

And of course, avoid any kind of Mozzie because I have not had any injections as nobody told me that it was recommended that I had them until it was too late! Whoops!

Anyways, shortly Alex will be here, and Mims too. We’re going to have some breakfast – nothing like bacon butties for breakfast right? Then make our way to the airport. With lots of sunscreen for me as I burn after two seconds in the sun, let alone going to Egypt whilst the temp is approximately 40 degrees Celsius! Depending on what the internet connection is like when we get out there, and what I mean by that is depending on whether we actually get some form of internet connection, I’ll post a few blogs whilst I am out there and share it with all my readers.

And perhaps will write some of my novel whilst I am out there!

Take care folks, and see you on the other side if  I cannot get and internet connection.