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There’s this niggling thought in the back on my mind. It’s like a worm, except it has a voice, and that voice is getting louder and louder. Today is Monday. Thursday is the day we fly back home. Which means, excluding today, that’s two days left in which to do anything – aside from the fact that we have plans for tomorrow – spending the whole day at a water park – and today we are planning to go to an ice bar, which just leaves Wednesday – which is meant for packing and all sorts of boring things like that.

The way we’ve done things on this trip have been quite well planned I think. We’ve had a day of activity, followed by a rest day with that pattern continuing on throughout. Most of the activities take a lot of out you – more than you realised because of the blinding heat of it all in the first place. Saying that though, I have had, and am continuing to have, the most wonderful time here. I think my favourite excursions have been to Cairo, and seeing the Pyramids and all, and the stargazing/Bedouin dinner with the camel riding. When I get back [to faster internet more than anything] I plan to post some pictures on this blog, and of course to Facebook, and my favourites, I am sure, will end up on DeviantArt.

I haven’t actually used my camera as much as I thought I would. I honestly thought I’d be there all the time with it, but there comes a point wherein you think –it’s too big. When we go out we take Alex’s camera bag – which is big enough to fit both our dSLR’s in, plus my backpack which has all the essential stuff in, and yesterday, we took another bag that had the towels in for yestertday’s excursion. So it always seems like we are carrying loads of stuff. But it’s good to have the cameras. I love to take the pictures, and I really hope I have some from yesterdays trip to be proud of.

All around the resort, and well out into the sea there are coral reefs everywhere. Some are pretty shallow, and others so deep that when you are snorkelling you cannot see all the way down. Yesterday Alex and I went on a VIP Cruise. This cruise was organised through Thompson, and not Sharm Club, and whilst I tried hard not to compare the two companies, it was hard not too – for the simple fact that Sharm Club provide a much more personal and interesting experience than Thompson – who work out more expensive than Sharm as they take a commission on what they sell. Thompson are very much bums on seats to fill a coach, whereas Sharm Club – they work on a smaller network, and provide the experiences and we have generally had much more fun through them. Plus, on the coaches Thompson keep trying to sell their other excursions and it’s downright annoying hearing about them all the time when we were told about them at the welcome meeting.

So the VIP Cruise then. We were back a Ras Mohammed National Park, where we were for our first excursion. This was essentially the same sort of thing – snorkelling in various parts of the National Park, some dinner on board, some more snorkelling, then back to the hotel. I’m not quite sure what part of this tour was actually VIP though. The only real differences were that there were no children – over 18’s only – and there was a server/waiter to occasionally would pour some drinks for us.

We went to different areas than the previous tour, which I was quite pleased with. And whilst at the first area we saw Syed again – the one that helped me with my mask and stuff on the first tour – part of Mohammed’s crew – although he was on a different boat today. We were looking out for Mohammed but he was nowhere to be found. Syed said something about him being on the glass bottomed boat, a sort of semi-submarine type thing that allows you to look at the corals and not get a splash of water on you.

One of the areas that we went to had the remains of a Russian ship wreck, which was really cool to see. A part of me [you know the part] wanted to scrambled across the shallow corals and to climb into the wreck and see what was there, however, I was the good child and stayed with the group. I have to say, then dips into the water seemed more rushed, only about 30 minutes or so for each dive, whereas the first one we went on was at least 45 minutes.  And the areas were pretty congested, both on the surface of the water and the underneath where divers were. That was an odd experience, swimming through the bubbles made by their masks, especially on the ears – like a frequent crackling sensation.

One this trip I went on all three dives, unlike my previous excursion. I love having the life jacket – I don’t know how people manage to float without one – you kind of just bob along and don’t really have to do much work with it. Alex can do it, but where I am not such a strong swimmer I need the jacket more than the flippers I think. We took the camera underwater with us in a special bag as well, but as of yet we haven’t looked at the pictures to see what they are like. The back of the screen cracked on the small camera a couple of days into the holiday so we don’t actually know what we are taking a picture of exactly.

On our rest days we have been spending them beside the pool, under the shade of a parasol. I’ll take a dip in the pool, go and read some of Game of Thrones on my Kindle, take another dip and carry on like that. It’s nice and pleasant. And so far I managed to avoid getting burnt like that. But, saying that I did get burnt on the excursion, on the backs of my legs and shoulders. Not too bad, after sun will help, and I’m sure it will be fine. It’s strange how it can affect your sleep though, as you realise how rough the blankets and the sheets are! You only notice these when you’re burnt!

Right, short and sweet blog today, compared to the others! We are planning to go to an ice bar later today, mega park tomorrow, then…. prepare to come home I guess.

Take care folks, and stay safe!