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So, I’m back at home, with my own laptop in front of me, the familiar keys clacking away beneath my fingertips. When I was using Alex’s laptop I wrote all the entries in Word, which I think really has helped me even though I am aware there are the occasional typo’s in all my entries [it makes no difference whose laptop/computer I use for that]. Also, it’s great being back on fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Sometimes you think that it’s really slow, then you go to Egypt and realise that it’s actually really, really fast.

Our flight back was a good one, except for the landing which seemed a little bumpy. Naturally being on a plane there are going to be the irritating passengers that just have to fidget in the seat in front, lay the seat back and generally be a nuisance. This passenger managed to aggravate Alex’s knee a bit, and when we got up to swap places she gave us the biggest evil that I have received in recent years. Yet she was the one that was the awkward to us. Makes all the sense in the world doesn’t it?

Alex’s parents picked us up from the airport, and aside from a slight mishap of temporally losing the car, we ended up getting back to his and into bed for about 4 am. Yesterday was one of those days that you use to just chill and relax. Sort of. We had to pick Alex’s car up from the garage as it had a dent in the bodywork that they were working on for the two weeks. [Plenty of time, right?]

Yesterday afternoon we went out for dinner and to the cinema. I wasn’t feeling very well throughout the day, and today I have been really sick. I don’t know what’s caused it but it’s not pleasant, so I have spent the majority of my day on my bed trying to chill and watch some Criminal Minds and American Dad. I even braved getting some chocolate from the shop, although didn’t feel so hot after that. It sucks that I’ve had to end this holiday feeling rough, but I’ll leave that at that for now.

The holiday was amazing. I had two of my lifetime dreams come true whilst in Egypt – the seeing the stars in the desert and visiting the Great Pyramid. I loved spending the time with Alex as well as we haven’t spent all that much time together before the holiday – work schedules and everything just clashed. It means now that I’ll have to create more dreams to work on at coming true. It seems to be a very good year in that respect for me – car, holiday etc. – supposed I could update my 43things webpage now.

So, the holiday is over, and work is fast approaching. The end of a holiday always has the whole “I don’t want to go back” thing, but if I want to go away again, I need to save some more pennies for it all! I plan to travel to so many countries now that I have my passport.

Speaking of passports when we got into Gatwick they have these fancy self service check in/out things if you have a chipped passport. We used these when we went out, although I was convinced that I was going to have to ask for help as it took ages for the gate to open for me. Alex was through in about five seconds. But it’s cool that you can get through like that.

Anyways, the shortest blog of them all, but I don’t feel well and just wanted to end the series of holiday related blogs.

I am hoping to update this far more frequently, I have really enjoyed writing these so frequently, even if very few people have been reading them.