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So it’s about time that I wrote a knitting update blog, which has been in the works for some time, but I haven’t gotten around to actually writing the blog. The last time I wrote about knitting was back when I wrote “Some Updates!” which was about a few projects that I have recently completed, including a big Hufflepuff scarf. This scarf was my first ever project in the realms of knitting, and now, I can safely say, some months later I have completed several more projects, most of which for some reason I don’t have pictures of them, but they were simple bookmarks in various Hogwarts colours.

So, what I want to write about is the most recent project that I have fully completed, and the piece that I am working on, both of these I am really proud of. The first project was the first time I had used and followed a pattern of any kind, so I was apprehensive about how it was going to turn out, especially as there were stitches and bits and pieces that I hadn’t tried before. It was also a present for my Ma-Bug, so I wanted it at least to be half-good.

So, I started knitting an elephant. I used this book for the pattern, which I have to say is pretty amazing and really simple to use [well it’s got to be, I was able to follow it!].


I was really pleased when I got to this stage as it was before I was due to go away, and considering I was so close to finishing the project before I flew I really just wanted to put him together so that I could gift him!

So this is the final piece, completed before holiday. I’m so happy that I finished the project! I think the only thing that annoys me is that his tusks are sitting unevenly, and I have to resist the urge to unpick one and reattach. I don’t think this turned out too badly for my first attempt at following a pattern. I didn’t realise until starting my next project that on most of the parts I started the second row wrongly, but you wouldn’t be able to tell lol. I think the most difficult part was putting it together with the stuffing as I hadn’t done anything like that before in my life.

The second project is a panda, which I am making for my sister.

This photo is now out of date though as the head is finished and the next part to tackle is the arms and legs of the toy. I don’t know if you can spot the two mistakes I made on both parts of the body ^_^.

This knitting bug is very, very addictive. It’s so amazing to think of all the things that can be created! I have my next project lined up one the panda is finished, but it’ll be on double pointed needles, again something that I haven’t done before. And I also intend to do a project on circular needles, but the ones I brought are too long for the project and it seems a bit awkward knitting a smaller ring, so am currently looking into buying a set of interchangeable circular needles… yay for Amazon and all their stuff, right?

Anyways, here’s to future knitting posts!

Take care folks, and keep on creating!