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So as you all know recently I have been somewhat obsessed with the art of knitting. I’ve done the basics, you know, scarves [Alex’s present that I mentioned in a previous post] and I’ve started in the plushy/teddies [since my last post I have since completed the panda bear for my sister – more on that in a bit!], I’ve made a scarf for my niece who’s really into Harry Potter [she loves Gryffindor!] which I am really pleased with, and my most recent project is something I’m hugely pleased with is a pair of gloves – which was also my first project ‘working in the round’. The only downside to my foray into knitting is that I haven’t done any sewing/cross stitch at all! Ah, the problems that I have!

So, whilst it would seem that I’ve spent a great deal of time knitting – which I have – I have been up to a few other things outside of work. Firstly, I brought a new sewing machine as the one that I owned previously was really old, and when I tried to use it for the first time it just wouldn’t get going. I was actually quite sad to have to invest in a new machine as the other one belonged to my Nana, and before it was hers it was someone else’s in the family – so it had a bit of history to it! However, it didn’t work, so it had to be confined to the bin. The new one works perfectly though, I just need to use it for what I bought it for! When we were on holiday I bought a painting of the pyramids, which I want to hang on my wall. It’s just a case of finding the space and the time to getting round to sorting it out.

Speaking of holiday, I can’t believe how much time has passed since we went! Even now the thought of the sun, the pool and well, everything :) it’s surreal to think that so many of my life dreams came true in those two weeks. I still need to print the pictures from the time away, and there are a couple that I really want to get onto canvas, I love them that much! Again, it’s just finding the time to getting around to doing it.

Right, so back to the knitting stuff. I posted a picture in the previous blog with how far I had gotten, a

nd now it’s finished [and in this picture sitting next to the one I made for Ma]:

I enjoyed working on the project with the Panda, but because the yarn was too big for the needles I ended up far more frustrated with it as the yarn kept slipping of the needles, and where it was too tight it was a bit awkward. On the whole

though, and considering the problems with the yarn – I couldn’t find a nice soft yarn in black for some reason!] – I enjoyed the project, but have to say I was more glad when I was finished and I could give it too my sister.

As mentioned, the scarf I made for my 7 year old niece:

Again I really enjoyed this, and I can’t wait to give it to her, alongside her other birthday present. She really wanted them both when I took her to the zoo a few weeks back, so with any luck she’ll love them both!

And here is the gloves:

These I’m really proud of as I said as they were my first project on Double Pointed Needles [DPNs] and for that reason I am even more proud, I had to restart and unravel a few times though as I kept reading the pattern wrong! And then felt like a bit of a pleb over a Ravelry when I realised what I was doing wrong. The pattern comes from Knit Now magazine, a magazine I discovered only a small whilst ago, and think that it’s pretty awesome.

So we are nearly at November, and you all know what means! It’s nearly NaNoWriMo time, which should be pretty awesome. It is my goal this year to actually finish a novel, rather than leave it half finished. Should I participate, of course, which I may not to be perfectly honest. If I do enter I want to work towards a much higher daily target so that I could finish with at least 75k words, I think that 100k may be a bit much, but I’d really like to try!

Anyways, I think that will be all for now, I’ve been meaning [as always] to update for a while and just forgetting!