At the very beginning of this year I challenged myself, via the GoodReads website, to read 75 books throughout the year. When I set the target I didn’t think it was that high, and I was on track for the first couple of months. I love having my head stuck in a book, enjoy being taken into another world and away from this one – living someone else’s life for a bit. I mean, what’s more awesome that having super powers in one adventure, and then questing in another? The TV was pretty much wasted on me.

Then I discovered the skill of knitting, and found that took up more of my time than I had anticipated. Which meant that the reading took a nosedive, and the knitting went into overdrive. I love knitting, I think it’s such a wonderful skill to have, and there are so many sweet patterns out there that I can’t wait to finish my current project [remember the gloves from a previous post? The laced up ones? I am now making a pair for my Ma]. I have since invested in a set of KnitPro Interchangeable needles which opens more doors and new techniques in knitting. The plan was to knit a blanket and use the remainder of my “old” yarn so that I could invest in more – it’s amazing how quickly this stuff spreads you know! However, it went a little wrong – it “twisted” which means that it would never, ever sit straight. So I gave up on that one in the end. But I am sure that I end up using this yarn at some point.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but my niece loved the scarf and wand made/bought her for her birthday. I even wrapped them in brown paper as though they had come from Diagon Alley itself.

Oh, speaking of Diagon Alley, a few weeks ago I was reading the third Harry Potter book in Gatwick Airport waiting for my sister to return from Spain. It was a material bound, gold glided edged version, part of a set… and I managed to lose it. What makes this worse is that it was a present from Alex from last Christmas. Regardless, I have replaced it, but that’s really not the point! I think I dropped whilst running to, or from, my car. I was in a hurry and had my headphones in, so wouldn’t have heard anything. You know the headphones I mean, the ones that block out all sound. So my fault entirely, but it’s still not cool!

I’ve been meaning to blog more recently, and I am sure with National Novel Writing Month coming up it will be a more regular thing. I think it’s still one of those things though where even if I do actually have something to talk about, I just don’t get around to it.

I applied for a trainee journalism scheme with the BBC but didn’t get it – good luck to Nuri though because I think she would be wicked cool doing that sort of thing!

I’m thinking of setting up a new blog for current affairs but at the moment I’m in the deciding stages. Would I use it enough? Could I get readership? It would be a good start really if journalism is something that I would like to make progress in really. It’s certainly something to think about. And whilst I am at it, I really need to update my “Cook Kitch” blog – not that I have really made anything recently, but there’s nothing like needing an excuse!

Returning to the book side of things, I am currently reading “A Clash of Kings” from the Game of Thrones universe [everyone knows what I mean, and it’s easier to refer to it as A Game of Thrones, rather than A Song of Ice and Fire, at least, I think so anyway]. It’s certainly getting interesting, and completely absorbing. I’ve been taking my Kindle with me to work so that I can read a chapter on my breaks, and it certainly beats reading the trashy magazines every day.

There is more that I would like to say about a few things, but I think I am going to have to redesign my approach to blogs. This particular one is public for instance, and syncs with Facebook, neither of which I have a problem with. The problem is being completely personal – for instance I feel as though there are certain things that I cannot speak about here, despite this being my refuge from my internal, warring thoughts, that I would once have done. Perhaps it’s time to revive the old LiveJournal gig and have a moan about a few things over there. It wouldn’t do good to do it here.

Except for the next “Dear Customer” letter I have floating around in my head. So long as it doesn’t get me sacked….

I think I’ll leave it there for now though, but watch this space as I am going to attempt to update far more frequently.