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A Story:

Before I get into the main body of my blog there is this small and mildly amusing story that I wish to share, only because it happened to me last week and keep forgetting to post about it. In fact I have been meaning to create a post for the better part of two weeks now, but cannot remember what I was going to talk about those two weeks ago.

So to the story that I wished to share:

I was driving over to the nearest shopping town to me, in my little Fiat 500, which is now officially 7 months old – so you know [and this isn’t to rub in that I have a brand new car, it’s for a purpose in the story] – I ran out of window washer fluid. I’m pretty good with checking the fluid levels in my car, but where the roads have been dirty/ following other cars it makes my window’s dirtier more often, so I go through the window washer fluid more quickly than in the summer. This isn’t a surprise, and I am a bit OCD about keeping my windows clear – I hate even having a few specs of dirt on my windscreen.

Anyway, we’ve established I ran out of window washer fluid. So I stopped at a Sainsbury’s petrol station hoping that they had a water tap – and they did, I just had to wait for the guy using the air pressure machine to finish up. Which took ages, by the way, and I was in need to doing some shopping so I could have an outfit for the Store Manager’s Christmas party… which was subsequently cancelled.

I eventually got to the water tap, popped the bonnet [is that how you spell it? No wonder American’s just call it “the hood”]. I fill up with the cleaning fluid, and then start using the tap. In this time there’s someone else who pulls up behind me waiting to use the air pump. It was a woman, probably mid-50’s, driving about a 54 reg plate, so not really that old in the grand scheme of things. She gets out of her car, comes up to me, watches me filling the water tank in my car… then asks me if that’s how air is put into the tyre’s in new cars! I had to explain to her several times that no, I was putting water in the washer fluid tank… but she seemed to think that I was filling air into my tyres.

I found this hilarious, but was able to keep control of myself until I left the garage.

I mean really, air through the bonnet of a car? And she was about to put air into her own tyres.

Anyways, I really needed to share this with you, and I hope that you smiled at it like I did, and still am as I am typing away here.

A Knitting Update

So I’ve been knitting away over the past few weeks, but I feel like I haven’t achieved as much as I would like, but then the Christmas season is upon us and I have been focusing on getting presents sorted for the family. One of my knitted gifts I can’t talk about yet because it is for my closet friend, but I may be impatient enough to send it in the post rather than arrange to meet up. Our schedules don’t always work out with works and commitments.

Anyways, I have a few completed projects to share with you:

I made another “Eliza Tam” this time with the recommended yarn [Noro sock yarn 250, and some Debbie Bliss Rialto] but instead of using the recommended needles I ended up going up like three sizes because I am a pretty tight knitter. This has had the one downside of making my ribbing a bit loose around the base/rim of the hat, but I love the design, and still have some of the yarn left so may have to make some more.

I made a shawl type thing that my friend Nuri was talking about in one of her latest blog posts, but it was in black, and I haven’t actually taken a picture of it yet. It didn’t end up as big as I thought it would despite following the instructions, but this is because I didn’t swatch [to be fair, I never do] and I wanted to use up some stash yarn… did not use up as much as I would have liked!

I started making a Ravenclaw scarf for Nuri, as I said I would a while ago, but the project just didn’t feel right at the time, so I cast off what I had created and will find a use for it, and perhaps retry the project in the new year sometime as it is something that I would like to do for her! Talking of making Hogwarts scarves I plan to make Alex another one as the one I made him was in his car when it was stolen.

This year I originally planned to not make anyone knitted Christmas presents however, aside from the one I mentioned above, I woke up one morning and decided to make my niece a knitted dalek, and naturally once I finished the first one, and thought it would be awesome if she had a pair of daleks. The first is complete, and I am now working on a second, but as mentioned earlier I haven’t really been focused on finishing my knitted projects due to the actual Christmas shopping [I think it’s safe to say I have finished my gift shopping]. So over the weekend I am hoping to finish the second dalek tomorrow, or at least on Sunday.

I already have a few plans in mind for a few projects in the new year, so I really should make a list… so far I have x2 Hogwarts scarves to make, x1 TARDIS socks, x1 Hummingbird socks, x1 dalek – for ME haha, x1 jumper for Alex, x1 top for Milly… and that’s to begin with. I also want to make some more stuff for me as well, as this year a lot of the things that I have made I have made for other people. Except hats, and the OWLs jumper, which I also want to make another of.

AND, in the new year I also plan to use and develop my skills in the sewing department, and learn how to make my own clothes. I started using my machine a small while ago, but I wanted to try and get some of my knitted projects out of the way first because I felt a lot of them building up on me.

And maybe, once I understand a bit more about knitted construction, I’ll be able to design my own items, starting small. That would be such an awesome thing to be able to do!

You know, there is so much that I want to talk about tonight that I am actually going to split this blog into two parts, this being the first, obviously, and then I shall post the second part tomorrow as we’ve already hit over a thousand words, so today we have the story of the silly woman and the tyre and water machine, and knitting, tomorrow I’ll post about some TV shows that I am really into at the moment whilst knitting away, and the EPICA gig that I went to at the Electric Ballroom, Camden. And actually, I need to rant about the venue a little bit, but like I say, that’ll be tomorrow as I don’t want to bore you all tonight, plus it’s getting late and I want to go to bed.

Keep safe and enjoy surviving the end of the world dear readers, we’ll survive this apocalypse together,