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This particular blog is a bit late in coming really as I actually meant to write it back on Thursday, I am just not sure where the time has gone. Yesterday’s blog, primarily about my knitting – [I am fairly certain I’ll talk about knitting today as well…] – was pretty long which is why I am here writing the concluding part, as it were.

So, on Wednesday Alex and I went to what I can only describe as my end of the world party seeing as I didn’t attend an official end of the world party. We went to the VIP Epica “Requiem of the Indifferent” tour at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London. Epica is my favourite band, their music got me through a lot, and I just love well, just about everything in their music.

Alex and I went to see them last year at the Scala and that was awesome then, and I can only say that they were more than amazing this time. Having got the VIP  tickets it meant that we had early access to the venue, which included a meet and greet with the band, access to the merchandise and a photo opportunity with the entire band. They are all such amazing and down to earth people, making the time to talk as much as they could. But before I go on this is where my gripe with the venue comes in.

The previous time [at Scala] we went to see the band we took our dSLR’s as they are wicked cameras and able to get some good shots. This time, different venue yes, but I didn’t expect to have an issue getting in – I’d made sure I didn’t have any drinks etc. In my bag, and didn’t think that they would question the cameras. I checked the website the previous day to check timings and everything, and I didn’t see anything to suggest that we wouldn’t be allowed our cameras into Electric Ballroom. I mean there was nothing, even in or near the venue itself – otherwise we wouldn’t have taken them, it’s pretty obvious really! So when we went in and had the mandatory bag searches they took our cameras away. I was not a happy bunny. In fact I was pretty pissed off with the place. It’s not the first time I have had issues with the security there. The last time it was when we were seeing Combichrist.

When we were queuing to meet the band and get stuff signed we spoke to the band assistant, and then the band itself, about the fact that we wouldn’t have our cameras for the group photo bit they arranged to get our cameras returned. Funny what the band can do over the venue. I was really impressed with both Epica, and their assistants for this as it meant that we could get some really, really cool shots later on in the night [there was not a chance in hell that I was giving the camera back to security after that!]. Apparently the issue with the cameras themselves were because they had detachable lens’, and as I mentioned earlier I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if there had been information on the website, or the tickets, or in the confirmation e-mail, there was nothing. I’ll be writing my complaints to the venue this time as I also mentioned this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with their security.

Epica had a support act first, as per normal, and this time it was Stream of Passion. If I had thought about it sooner I would have actually listened to their stuff and known it, but they were cool, and I look forwards to seeing and listening to them again. I love the fact that the lead singer plays an electic violin! And that she made a couple of re-appearances during the Epica set with the Violin and her duet with Simon.

Epica’s set was everything and more. I loved it! And despite the fact that he doesn’t know a lot of Epica’s music, Alex said he really enjoyed himself too – and he managed to take something like 1000 pictures [I only took about 200, and filmed one of the songs – Blank Infinity, but it didn’t come out so great because of how close we were to the speakers] . Oh oh oh, I should say we were at the front of the crowd, and not a single person pushed me [so not what would happen at a Combi gig], mind you Alex was being all protective and making sure nobody came near me lol.

I loved the gig, it was just wicked. The only thing I have to say is that my ears are still ringing, and that the next time I go to any gig I shall invest in some ear defenders as I am pretty paranoid about losing my hearing. I think because of how close we were to the speakers as well, Simone’s voice got a bit drowned out by the rest of the band.

So with the VIP tickets we got a few goodies. We got a little shot glass with Epica embossed on the front, a HUGE poster that the entire band signed, and I got my Requiem for the Indifferent CD signed by the whole band as well. Alex got his iPod signed as well! We also got a VIP lanyard, and the photo session as well. Alex and I got these awesome Epica hoodies as well [although the zip on mine isn’t so cool as it’s not doing up properly], and I got a beanie type hat, and I got Alex a baseball cap. I don’t think it matters how much I write about this band, I just love them!! I cannot wait to go and see them again when they come back to the UK.

I also wanted to mention in this blog about some of the TV shows that I’ve become mildly obsessed with over the last month or so. I ordered the box set of Castle – series 1-3 as that is all that is available in the UK at the moment, and I am impatiently waiting for the fourth series to be released on DVD. I love this show for its comedic values, and well, the whole Castle/Beckett will they/won’t they thing! I seriously need the UK to catch up with the USA in their broadcasting!

The other TV show that I am really into at the moment is Bones. I have watched the entire first series, and most of the second. I have ordered the next two series from Amazon today, so it won’t be too long this time between when I can watch more. It was my sister that got me into this series. I love the whole idea behind forensic anthropology, and the idea that it’s based on the books, which in turn is based on a real persons’ experiences! I look forward to seeing where this series will go, and I am sure I’ll be caught up to series 7 in no time.

There’s more I am sure, probably knitted related!

Take care folks!