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It has now been about a year since I discovered the art of knitting. Little did I know then that it would take over my life like nothing else before it, and that it would take up more brain space than anything else before it too! I have a 2:1 degree hidden in my brain somewhere, but these days it’s the knitting that takes up the time and the attention, and not following my historical interests. One day I plan to go back and complete a Masters degree, possibly even a doctorate, assuming that I’ll be able to afford it [you know, from my “proper job” as mentioned in the previous journal entry].

Knitting does seem to make a big dent in this however, and I think there would have been a time when I would have been reluctant to spend any kind of money that wasn’t for some purpose – like car, clothes, etc. There would have been a time where the thought of me spending money on things like yarn, needles and equipment, would have been a laughable concept. Oh, how the times have changed!

These days I cram the knitting around my work schedule. I have to plan things out, the amount of time allocated for knitting – I have to make sure that the rest of my life just doesn’t whizz by, and make me old before I know it. When I first started knitting it was all I was doing. I think my boyfriend got a little jealous of it to be honest, and that was when I realised just how much this hobby had taken over my life, and taken over everything. So these days, a mere year on, I have this vague allocation of time, and it does sort of help me in the long term.

Last year, as I am sure I have mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to read a lot of books, and did a challenge via the GoodReads website, and ultimately, failed the target [70] by a ridiculous amount. This year, in comparison, my target is just 40. A much more attainable target, and one that I can work around the burgeoning list of knits that I want to make. Ravelry is both a knitters heaven, and a knitters hell, for you can find perfect patterns that you want to make, and then realise that you’ll never clear you queue as there’s always more to make! [If there’s any knitters out there reading this, my username is “Kialtho”…. I have no friends on there yet, so it would be great to share projects with humans, rather than a cyber netherworld!]

As for my current project, a Hufflepuff/Harry Potter scarf, I am approximately two thirds complete, however I can’t decided whether to knit the crest or to buy a crest… or do both. It was this time last year that I made the original, so it’s safe to say that my skills have greatly improved since then! I would post a picture [something that these blogs have been lacking in the previous few entries] but I don’t have an up to date one on my laptop at the moment, but I’ll be sure to post a picture when the project is complete. Then, I’ll have a Slytherin one to make, and a Ravenclaw, before I can move on to more challenging projects for the year. Because these are presents for other people, I’d like to get them out of the way now so that they are done and complete, before my next project. I am either going to buy the pattern and make some Nightingale Socks, or make a pair of gloves. I haven’t decided yet. I have some fancy Noro yarn for the socks that I’m just itching to use… but at £16.00 a ball, I am also a bit apprehensive about it. I can’t believe that the nearest place to me that sells the stuff is John Lewis London. That is a bit ridiculous.

So this a short and sweet blog, but then, getting into the thing of blogging more frequently means that for the most part I’d imagine the posts will be a bit shorter than with long periods of silence.

Before I sign off I’d like to thank the author of the Falconry pattern for the gift of the pattern, I cannot wait to make this!

Take it easy, and happy knitting!