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As a child I grew up with Harry Potter, from about age nine onwards. Harry was the imaginary friend I never had – I’ve never needed an imaginary friend as I have a twin sister – I grew up knowing Harry, his adventures, his trials and the magical realm that goes with it.

As I got older I discovered the world of fanfiction, and the ridiculous but addictive nature that is living through other peoples’ interpretations of Harry’s life and adventures. Then I began writing my own, somewhat embarrassing attempts at writing about Harry. But what is the most important thing about this is what being a part of this fandom did for me. Because, alongside the actual books themselves, there was the website, and then the forums, and then something that I can honestly say has changed my life, and given me many diverse friends spread across the world.

And on Friday, I got to meet one of them. We’ll call her Stella for the sake of the blog, but she was downright amazing. She was over from Australia for a brief spell of studying at one of the universities I would never have gotten in to, and there was time enough to spend an afternoon/evening together in that London Town, for dinner in China Town, the awesome geekiness that we shared with Forbidden Planet [I resisted buying anything this time though, and Stella absolutely loved this shop… if you haven’t been and you’re a complete geek like me, it’s well worth a visit].  And we went to see Phantom of the Opera. It was Stella’s first time of seeing the stage show, and she loved it! It was my second time, and this time sitting in a different location means that you get a different interpretation of what goes on, and the complexity of putting a performance on like this every single day of the week.

Stella is also a knitter, and I am in awe of her skill with needles and yarn! She gave me a ball of some squishy Aussie yarn from her favourite brand, and I can’t wait to make something with it – Stella suggested some snitches, which sounds like a very good idea to me as I haven’t made anything like that yet.

It felt like a really surreal night, but totally worth it. I plan on meeting each and every one of the friends that I have made through that magic of Harry Potter, because that to me is the lasting legacy of the Harry Potter series – the friends that I have made through a boy wizard and his adventures in what would be a pretty awesome school.

In terms of the knitting, I have now made three of the headbands mentioned in the previous blog, and have had a request to make another for a friend of my mum’s at work. Which is fair enough, but I don’t like having more than one project on the go at a time because I like to keep things organised in my head. And it sort of keeps my yarn stash down. Until I go to Hobbycraft. However, my current project is a Slytherin scarf for my brother, and will probably take about two weeks to make, and I feel bad making someone else wait that long when they are going to pay me a small amount at the end of it as well.

My list of things to make is ever-growing! It never seems to shrink. I have taken a few of the things out of my Ravelry queue as I don’t think I’ll ever get around to making them, and I have a separate list of things to make on my phone as well. It just never ends!

Another thing that I have accomplished this week is that I finally finished the first book in the Dresden Files, and I really enjoyed this. I think I will end up investing in more of these magical detective books, which appeal to me quite a lot. There is a British comparison to Dresden, the first in the book called “Rivers of London” which was pretty cool, and I read that before Dresden Files, but all of these add up to something addictive, and can only be described as adult Harry Potter [and not in the smutty way either].

The next book on my list is called “The Map of Time”. Let’s hope this is a quick read. I intend to reach my target of 40 books this year!

Right, well I think that’s enough babble from me today!

Take it easy folks, and happy knitting!