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One of my things to do this year was absolutely to make sure that I went out with my camera far more regularly than I have been doing over the past couple of years. I have some good photographs in my portfolio, if you can call it that, but most of those were taken a few years ago. I am still incredibly proud of those shots, but I need some new shots.

In my attempt to ensure that I use my camera more often I went out on an outing with my twin and my boyfriend on Tuesday, I think it was, to Colchester Zoo, in Essex. I’ve been once before, and it’s certainly an awesome zoo, in fact I prefer it to Port Lympne, which I have been in love with for a while. At Colchester there’s more of an opportunity to see the animals, and be able to photograph them without having the bars/fencing in the way like at Port Lympne, as there are viewing opportunities everywhere.

As I was clicking away I was using Auto-Focus, which is something recently I haven’t been using and getting decent photo’s, but this time I was and I have to say I am not entirely happy with the results. There are some good pictures of amur Leopards, but that’s about it. I am unsure as to why I didn’t use manual focus like normal. The only thing that I can think of more than anything is that we weren’t going to be at the zoo for a whole day as we entered about 11:30, and it would be closing earlier than I am used to as I usually go during peak/summer hours.

Here’s a link to the amur Leopard I’ve put on DeviantArt: Amur Leopard

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention this before I posted, but we all got to feed a Giraffe – several times – such weird and rough feeling tongues they have! And we got to feed an elephant as well, the matriarch of the family I believe she was. Her trunk was amazing, it’s so hard to describe the feeling. We were feeding her bits of chopped vegetables, and she was using her trunk to seek out the food, and then she used the tip of it to grab the food, and every time she did it with me it felt as though she was giving my hand and my fingers a squeeze as though she was saying thank you for the food. It was such an immense experience! I am thinking of knitting myself another elephant from Sarah Keen’s Wild Animals book! After I’ve gotten through everything else of course! The only comparison I can make is in reference to Men in the Moon, by H. G. Wells, and her trunk reminded me of the moon people. Of course, the book isn’t real, but there isn’t any other comparison that I can make. It was an awesome experience, and I think if you have the opportunity to visit, Colchester Zoo is definitely worth a visit, winter or summer!

I enjoyed this day out. I drove the distance as well, which is unusual for me as Alex typically drives. I think it was good for Bessie to make the journey though, it allowed me to assess whether the squealing was still an issue. Sadly, it is, so Bessie is now booked in to be looked at in the Fiat garage on Thursday next week. I haven’t driven up the mileage – only 6100 – and I every morning Bessie warms up as I do something called priceline. So, for a new car [for anyone new to this blog, Bessie is a new Fiat 500, bought in May 2012] I find it odd that she’s playing up. But then again, everything has teething problems so here’s hoping that Fiat will be able to sort it out on Thursday/Friday. The person I spoke to on the phone, aside from having some ridiculously heavy breathing issues right into the handset, and ergo my ear, sounded pretty optimistic.

And hopefully it won’t cost me anything, otherwise my expenses money will be going straight onto that. Boo!

I am still slugging away with my brothers Slytherin scarf, I haven’t made the progress that I wanted, more so because I really just want it finished. That being said, I am coming up to the halfway mark, so it’s all downwards from here. In fact, it may be longer than Alex’s Hufflepuff scarf because there seems to be a lot of yarn left so far. I don’t mind having some yarn left over but I don’t want to have loads of it. I like the fact that this isn’t an in your face kind of green either, more muted/khaki than bright green, and considering it’s for an adult it will be a bit better? Maybe? I am looking forwards to seeing the final object.

In the past week I have had the idea for my November novel as well, it came to me in a dream! Suffice to say there will be time travel. I love writing about time travel and weirdness in general. And this one will involve a complex storyline set mostly during World War Two. I feel the need to write this here and tell you all as I haven’t actually written the idea down anywhere yet, and I know if I don’t do it any time soon I’ll forget, and because it seems pretty cool, I would like to see where it goes.

Right, let’s leave it there for today as I need sleep.

Take it easy folks,