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For the last week I’ve been eagerly awaiting the time that I could update and say that I have finally finished the Slytherin scarf for my brother. Of course, finishing happened yesterday, and I fully planned to write as there was several things I wanted to mention, but of course, I didn’t quite get that far, and the same again this morning when I turned on my laptop and got distracted by “the blue F” as my boyfriend calls it.

I was staying down with Alex, and after watching/knitting through Aladdin, and putting the finishing touches to the scarf, we proceeded to have some Mario Kart fun on the Wii. Out of all the Karting games that I’ve played Mario has always been my favourite. I didn’t really play it until university when I got a DS, and Nuri and I would have marathons of competitive racing against each other. When I got back from university though, my DS wouldn’t connect to the WiFi [something about BT HomeHub not allowing it, I don’t know…] and I have subsequently lost the game cartridge. This waffle does have a point, I promise.

So, after finishing the scarf and I had duly uploaded the pictures to Facebook, I needed to relax my fingers from the needles, and actually playing the game helped a bit. I am really proud of how this scarf has turned out – it’s certainly the best out of all of the ones that I have made. The joins are much better than on the Hufflepuff one, and there isn’t a visible stitch marker line throughout the piece, again like the Hufflepuff one. I also used a different yarn to make the Slytherin than the others I have made. I used Aran weight, rather than the double knit like I had for all the others, and whilst the colours were more muted this time [a khaki green, rather than a deeper green] I think it works better for the recipient – my big brother. When I first started using this yarn I found it rather strange as it felt weird in my fingers and sliding through my palms. Although it was a largely acrylic yarn, there was 20 per cent wool and I think that in comparison to the acrylic DK stuff, it was this that I was noting.

However well this project went, and how pleased I am with the results, I am glad that it is over as I made two in a row and I don’t know – I am glad about it. I planning a third, but that will have to wait for the time being as I don’t think my hands or my fingers will forgive me as I hold the yarn and needles pretty tightly.

This of course does leave me with a dilemma… what shall I make next? I want to make something for myself, and was planning on making another pair of gloves, but the pattern, which I paid for as well, would not have turned out how it should have done as there was an instruction missing to make a double braided cuff – which would look cool – but the pattern only gives the instructions for a single cable pattern [I know, I am waffling again, my apologies].So I have shelved that idea for the time being and perhaps I can work out where to put the other part of the braid in. But not right now. I’d like to do something that requires some brain power but also relatively easy to follow and ease me back into following a pattern.

Of course, Mario Kart and knitting does lead me to a potential knit… which has nothing to do directly with Mario… A small while ago my sister and I bought Little Big Planet Karting, we both love the LBP series. So this leads me to the possibility of making a Sackboy for myself as it doesn’t seem to be commonplace to be able to buy much in the way of LBP merchandise from places like Game at the moment. I only wanted a key ring, instead I plan to knit myself a plushie instead!

I think that’s all for now, and I’ll leave you with a picture of my stash which is a little uncontrollable for the size of my bedroom.

Happy knitting, and take care!