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So yesterday in my haste to post a blog I forgot to post some pictures of the finished item so I thought I would post them today in what will be a fairly picture heavy post. The pictures of the scarf were taken on my phone and are as such pretty rubbish quality – but still, I have to share my work with you all. It’s become a compulsion. Knitted project = blog about knitting = contented me. This has become the norm, I talk about knitting a lot because it is the thing that I like and enjoy, and hopefully doesn’t bore you all. Of course, I do have other hobbies, one of which you will see/read about in a moment.

So first off then, some knitted Slytherin scarf photo’s:

Two blogs in two days is very unlike me, but again, I have something to share with you all, and it’s pretty cool. Instead of spending my day with a pair of needles in my hands, today was a day with a wooden spoon, mixing bowl, a lot of imagination and determination… and what I think is a pretty awesome final piece.

My Ma said she didn’t want anything for her birthday, so me being me, and surely not able to make or knit something between now and Sunday that I would be happy with, I decided to make her a cake. I think this was the same conclusion that I drew last year, and had made her a hedgehog cake, and this year it was a castle. I’ve been thinking of making a castle cake for a while now, and not just for Ma’s birthday, but for Alex’s as well, when it comes along. Of course with such a feat in mind, there comes the internet, with is both an inspiring and fear injecting place with so many beautiful and wonderful creations out there – how was I supposed to do this? The simple answer is actually planning. I realised I would need to plan what I was going to use, how I was going to use it, and at what point. This sounds like a lot of work, but it actually wasn’t, it only took about 15 minutes or so. For instance, I knew that I wanted the vast majority of the project to be edible, including the towers I wanted rather than decorative like at lot of the ones I had seen online. I knew I wanted at least two layers of cake, both with differing diameters to create a tier effect. I knew I wanted the turrets to be yellow.

There is also the bit where you have to take stock of what ingredients you already have so that you don’t end up over loading the cupboards, or having too many of the same item. I usually don’t check before I start baking and simply pop over the shop and buy loads of stuff. Today was good in a sense that one, I checked my ingredients, and two, I used up a lot of the older stuff that has been sitting in the cupboard for a while. Hopefully it will give Ma more room for other stuff instead!

This is what I ended up with:

Fairytale Castle!

I am really pleased with this result. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but from the moment I put the first sponge mix together I just knew it was going to be okay. Sometimes you really find yourself fighting against things when baking, but luckily today just wasn’t one of those days. As you can see from the picture, I am not a fantastic decorator, but considering this was the first time of doing anything like this I think that I did well. I had gone out to Hobbycraft for when it opened to get the flower and leaf cutters for the icing, and was planning to buy a lot more stuff there for the actually putting together but actually they didn’t have as much as I wanted, and some of the stuff I needed I thought I would find another way to solve a problem as it was so expensive. I spent £33.00 as it was on just a few items.

The turrets are made from pre-made mini-rolls ala Cadbury. The top turret is made from a normal Victoria sponge mix with a touch of lemon juice, and the bottom one is the sponge recipe but doubled to allow for the bigger size of the baking tins. Both sponges have raspberry jam and butter icing in the middle. Ready to roll icing for the decorations in various colours, and then all stuck together with a combination of strawberry jam and water. The top of the turrets are simply ice cream cone wafers iced. I think the ones where the icing drapes a but are better as they hide the join to the mini-roll base better.

I enjoyed this, and I hope you like the pictures too. I had planned to take a photo of every step of the way, but wanted to also get stuck into the baking!

Also, as you can see there was no yellow icing [I would have thought that considering Easter is nearly here, it would have been out in abundance], so I had to settle for pink instead. But it’s all good, and I just hope it tastes as good. At least I don’t have to worry about how to cut it – it’s Ma’s problem now!

Keep well, and keep creating!