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After I sent yesterday’s post to the print, as it were, I was looking through some of my very old blogs. The ones where I didn’t really know where and what my blog was about, and I guess what I was really about. I set up the blog back in April 2010, and for the most part these blogs have been fairly short interludes on my life. In some cases I was talking about current affairs, the then developing coalition government and what was going on in my life. I was both a lot more personal and free with what I said, and a lot more varied in the topics that I was writing about. Some of the old posts range from the evolution of the British Empire to the Vietnamese wars.

In contrast though I look at what I write these days, and whilst my blogs are more topic specific [um, knitting!?] I find that they are better constructed than they ever were, partly because I write everything in Word before I transfer over to WordPress, and partly because simply my writing skills have improved, whether through practice or through the efforts of the continued competition of National Novel Writing Month.

You may be reading this and wondering where this is going – well I’d like to think that I will in the future post more about current affairs and the nature of life at the moment – but I don’t think that I would be able to. I feel as though I don’t have the same interest in current affairs that I used too. There’s scandal after scandal whether it’s the politicians’ past and present, expenses, affairs, harassment in the work place, the NHS, the state of the economy – it’s all so depressing and mind boggling. I was planning to write about the horse meat scandal that has swept not only through the United Kingdom, but through the whole of Europe – which has in turn become a blame game. The truth of the matter is that it is more likely that we, as a nation, have probably been eating horse meat contaminated products for years. There is no real way to guarantee what you are eating is what it says on the tin. However, I haven’t written about these items as I would have liked too because I simply don’t know enough. Does it bother me about the politicians’ having affairs and lying to people? No – they will do it regardless. And they can’t be trusted anyway. I used to support the Lib Dems. Now, whilst I tend to lean to the left, I can’t say I identify with a single political party. It is what it is.

So I live my life and submerge myself in my knitting, and reading, and boyfriend, and family and my hobbies because knowing what goes on in the country, the scandals and the betrayals – well – they are all to be expected these days. I guess what you can call this is the complete disillusionment of a single soul in this world that is full of suffering. I feel that we, as a nation, are bombarded with all this stuff that we become desensitised to it. I know that more than not I ignore the suffering. Every night on the news it’s about murder and politics and war.

Then of course I think about 1984 and wonder if people are still heeding the warnings of the book, but realisation kicks in and realise that it seems to me that people don’t actually know what the book was about.

I think considering that I am not sure what my real point is in this, I’ll leave it there I hope that you have something to think about from this – maybe give me a reason to not be so disillusioned with today’s society ?

Take it easy folks, and what this space for potential updates that aren’t just about knitting?