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My plan to make Sackboy after finishing the fairytale castle cake on Monday and after finishing the Slytherin scarf made for my brother that weekend fell through a bit as I struggle to read from a computer and to write or, in this case, make something by reading from the computer screen. Not that I have tried to knit and read the instructions from a screen but there’s something about having the pattern in your hand, being able to flick through and not have to look at the lights and static of a computer screen. I think it would drive me very much insane, and cause me to make many mistakes.

I couldn’t print the pattern for Sackboy as some of the ink in my printer had run out, and the last thing that I had printed was barely readable. When I first got the printer way back last Christmas [present from my parents to print my photography] I ordered two cases of spare inks. I have since used two inks from a case of 10… and subsequently the entire case has disappeared somewhere in the ethereal plane of existence that occurs in my bedroom.

To make up the time as to when I could go out and buy the said inks from Currys PC World [I had decided to not buy them online this time as they are all compatible inks, not official inks, and the two replacements I had made didn’t actually last very long at all], I decided to have a look through my stash and see what I had. If you had seen the picture I posted a few posts back of my stash, you will know that whilst it isn’t exactly out of control, this is quite a bit there. And I need to reduce it ideally. I also have a lot of pattern books. So I decided rather randomly make a polar bear, from the book “Knitted Toy Travels”.

The pattern was really easy to follow, and very quick to make up. I was hoping that it would use up more of my stash, but it didn’t. I guess this is both a good thing, in terms of people being able to make more of an item, and bad for me as I was hoping to use the remainder of the ball of yarn rather than just a bit. I was really quite impressed with the pattern. It didn’t take long to make either, which also impressed me. Certainly an easy pattern all round.

I am not very good with embroidery stitching features but I think they turned out alright on my little polar bear. The pattern called for him to be cream, but I decided on the white as it meant using up some stash. When I was taking the picture I was overcome with the urge to put a Coca-Cola bottle next to him as their ad campaign at the moment is about preserving the Arctic and the home of the polar bears. Naturally, I had none to hand, so he’s not supporting the advert today, except in spirit.

I was able to head out to the local Curry’s/PC World tonight and buy some more ink, which actually came in cheaper than I thought it would. I was convinced it would be over £50, but actually came in a little over £40, which was for four of the five inks my greedy, but awesome, little printer requires. This in turns leads me to the fact that I was able to print the patter for Sackboy, and means that my next project is about to be set into motion. Well, tomorrow at least. I’ll need some sleep first. The only that I plan to change about the pattern is that I am going to use DK yarn at double thickness as I really don’t want to keep buying yarn at the moment. I hope it turns out okay! Watch this space!

Lastly, I want to share with you Pink’s latest single. It’s my favourite of her entire catalogue. I can’t get enough of it – and I am so looking forwards to going to see her with Alex, my sister and another friend in April. It will be epic. And I really hope that this song is played!