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Yesterday was a particularly surreal day, I think, as Alex and I decided to go to London for the day as it’s my birthday at the end of the week. Originally the plan was to go and see a matinee performance of one of the West End plays, and once I had eventually decided what I wanted to see, it turned out that there was no matinee on that day. The only days that there are early performances are Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we still decided to go and spend some time in that London Town, and simply enjoy the culture and heritage of this country. Well sort of. We went to the British History Museum, and the Natural History Museum [NHM].

We got the tickets first as we wanted to ensure that we had them before doing anything else as we were determined to go and see Spamalot, the musical based on Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. More on that in a bit though. So, tickets were procured at a fairly decent price from one of the booths in Leicester Square. We’ve bought most of our tickets from there on the day, and they seem to be pretty decent across the board. The tickets themselves were really good; only six rows back from the set.

After getting the tickets we decided to go the British Museum [BHM] as it was fairly close to where we bought the tickets, and after a short walk we got there without actually getting lost. [My phone has this habit of telling me that I am on the right path and going in the right direction before suddenly jumping a few streets away]. It was a bit surreal walking into this museum, and we didn’t do all that much here as I found out that Nuri was working at the Natural History Museum, so we decided to hop on the tube and go and find her at work. I couldn’t believe that we were allowed to take our camera’s in a photograph some of the exhibits, unlike in the Cairo Egyptian museum!

Before leaving the BHM we were entranced by the gift shop. Well at least I was, Alex I think was just going along with my enthusiasm with Egyptian souvenirs. Seeing all the Egyptian stuff made me think about our Egyptian adventure. They had these iPhone covers with the Rosetta Stone printed on it. Of course, iPhone was all they did, and nothing available for my little HTC Desire S. Naturally. However, I have decided that there is the possibility that I may get an iPhone with my next upgrade and if I do that I may have to make a special trip to London for that case alone. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway we moved onto the NHM which seemed like a much more welcoming place than the BHM, and was certainly much busier. My first impression of the building was that not only did it look a little like Hogwarts, both outside [slightly] but definitely on the inside. As we proceeded to met up with Nuri I missed the intricate details of the building, which my friend later pointed out to us as she took us on a personalised tour of the some of the building. I am little jealous that she works in Hogwarts!

I saw my first dinosaur bones here as well! I remember being into dinosaurs when I was younger, and building a wooden one magazine by magazine. My favourite was the Stegosaurus. Seeing the replica T-Rex was also pretty awesome, of course my pictures all came out a bit rough for it, and the one where the flash was one made it look really fake, so perhaps I won’t publish that here! It’s so amazing at the height of these creatures! And the realisation that they were pretty much eliminated at around the same time across the world. Apparently one of the theories put forwards by the experts was alien abduction which seems a bit ridiculous to be honest. [Jeez, if this were true I’d have egg on my face…].

Whilst we were at the museum we made plans with Nuri and her girlfriend to go to Nando’s [because it’s awesome!] and we needed pre-show food anyways. Whilst we were waiting for her to finish work we took a seat in a coffee shop and relaxed a bit. You don’t realise how much walking you do until you sit down! So tea and chilling out it was, Alex is currently obsessed with Candy Crush [if you ever get an invite for it… don’t accept, it will ruin your life and your phone battery]. I was reading some of the book I’m on at the moment, and it’s good, but I want to be over.

Spamalot was a pretty epic show. I loved every minute of it, even when the actors broke character at the “eccy-eccy-phitang” [or however it’s spelt]. They must change what they put in at the end of the sentence as yesterday there was a brief rendition of “I want to know what love is” to which the actor playing King Arthur didn’t quite know how to respond. I also loved throughout that there was little contemporary satire in there too, from the horse meat scandal to even the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI [gosh, is that the right numbers?]. It looks like the actors have a lot of fun performing this, and their voices were all pretty amazing. I’d definitely go and see this again!

It was an awesome day, I loved seeing my best friend again for the first time since June [I think], and I loved the museums, the dinner and the musical – and I will leave you with this as it has been stuck in my head since yesterdays.