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I had such great plans for today. I was planning on clearing my computer desk in an attempt to set up my sewing machine in order for me to use it regularly, learn the tricks of the trade, you know? So there I am clearing off the top of the desk, finally setting the clock that has been flashing a red 12:00 at me persistently since the last power cut some weeks ago. The desk was cleared. Heck, I even dusted it! Then I decided I wanted to move it ever so slightly – you know the type – maybe a fraction of an inch and it would sit better and be better.

Of course, in hindsight I regret this decision as it destroyed my desk. The same desk that I owned since the very first computer/PC entered this house something like ten years ago. This desk has seen me through the toils of my food technology coursework at fifteen [after replacing the downstairs computer desk, meaning I got this one], it saw me through my A Levels, through the copious amounts of coursework, books, research. It saw me through university when I was home from university doing my essays, my coursework. More recently it has served as a dumping ground for things labelled as “crap-I-need-to-put-away-and-can’t-be-bothered”. And my laptop.

You can see why I thought it was time to set it up for the foray into learning a new skill. I feel like I have mastered the basics of knitting, it’s time to expand my ability to make my own, well fitting, clothes.

Fate it would seem have a completely different view of the situation as when I moved my desk that fraction of an inch, the wheel sort of feel off leaving me at an impasse with said desk. I tried to fix the wheel, to reattach it to the bottom corner. But firstly, I couldn’t get the wheel to be screwed in properly, and secondly, it wasn’t in the right position and probably wouldn’t have been able to cope with the copious amounts of crap that I would surely end up putting on it in the end anyway.

So it had a rather unceremonious funeral by being taken and dumped at the tip.

You would think that this would open the opportunity up into getting a new, and somewhat more practical, desk.  However, this isn’t the case. As much as I would love to get a replacement, there just isn’t the room in my bedroom to be able to get the sort of thing that I would love. So instead, all the stuff that was once on that desk has been packed into a couple of storage boxes to go into the attic [excluding the laptop]. I also got a plastic drawer case thing so store some stuff in for the time being. The first two drawers are taking over entirely with craft material – the actual equipment, needles, embroidery thread and the like.

This also means that I still haven’t set up my sewing machine, and now there really is no where for it to go in my bedroom. In turn, this means that I can only practise using my sewing machine during the hours of about 9-3, on my days off when there is no one else around at home as I would have to set it up downstairs in the living room as I don’t have the luxury of a craft room at present. Perhaps when I get my own place I’ll be able to afford the coveted craft room!

Whilst I am here I want to share with you my current project. As soon as I saw this in Knit Now I knew that I wanted to make this, and knew exactly what yarn I was going to use [remember that yarn from the previous post that I wanted to make into a shawl of some kind?]. This month’s issue of the magazine is celebrating British Yarn so I do feel a bit guilty of using Debbie Bliss “Andes”, and the pattern is for a simple cowl. Having never used anything like “Andes” before which is  65 per cent alpaca and 35 per cent silk it’s been a challenge, but I love the outcome of the material which feels both light, soft, squidgy and just lovely.

Here’s a picture of the project so far, just under the halfway mark. I’m looking forwards to being able to wear the final project! It’s a really easy pattern to remember, although to begin with I kept messing up the lace bit as I was getting carried away counting and forgetting the YO bits. However, rather than rip back, I’ve just carried on as I get it is a learning curve. I haven’t done much in the way of lace knitting before, so I can see the mistakes, feel them when I make them, and learn how to correct them as I go along and see what the effects has on the pattern.

[Also, how awesome is my bedspread/sheets?]

Happy creating! And if you get an urge to move your desk… take it from me… don’t!