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Ever since I started knitting, and then using this blog to share the knits with the world, I have wanted to par-take in “FO Friday” – where I can share the stuff that I’ve made with the world on a Friday because I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do. It sounds terribly American, doesn’t it, “Finish Off Friday” I can imagine someone saying it with such enthusiasm that it could only be an Americanism. I guess this all stems from using the tag surfer – whether on the WordPress app or on the computer [which is seems much harder than it used be!].

So I have been working on a cowl – my first ever foray into cowls. I am pleased with the outcome as it was my first attempt at lace knitting as well. The pattern is a simple two row repeat, from the most recent issue [19] of Knit Now Magazine, the only knitting magazine series that I have ever bought – although I do tend to look at others. The pattern for the Laced Mitts from a while back came from this series too.

I enjoyed making the cowl. As mentioned a simple two row repeat to the instructions, so I didn’t even need to keep referring to it. It probably would have gone much faster if I didn’t keep disappearing into the new world of Tomb Raider. I have made mistakes through the knitting where I was miscounting my YOs with my knit 2s – but I think I knit the yarn back to front or something similar as I know when I watch my mum knit she does it slightly differently – I notice it more on when she does her purl stitches. Any way I think this is why I was miscounting. Regardless, I enjoyed the knit, and once I was into the rhythm of the pattern it was so easy. As I went on I realised where I was making the mistakes as well. This was quite a meditative knit, something that I needed this past week or so as it has just been one of “those” weeks.

I used the Debbie Bliss “Andes” yarn for this as well as I wanted to use it for something special. I bought a lot of it from John Lewis not long after Christmas in their big yarn sale. It was still over £5.00 per skin, but it was worth it more when I picked up a whole bag and they miscounted the skeins…

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I wanted to post this on a Friday to be part of the FO Friday, but as you can see it’s now Sunday. By the time I’d finished on Thursday I was far too tired to post, and then kept procrastinating – that tends to be the nature of my blogging at times, so I thought today that I would watch the new James Bond, chill out, fight tiredness, and start making my third Sackboy [this one for Alex] and generally enjoy my Sunday off.

Well, that’s all for this instalment, keep on crafting!