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After two weeks of having no heating today has been one of those days, where, having been fixed this very morning I can divest the scarf and blanket and just be content to a bit warmer, and considering my room tends to be one of the coldest in the house [mainly because I set the radiator fairly low] it’s just been nice.

The only downside to having the heating fixed is that I sort of feel as though it has cost me the hearing in my left ear. Currently, the sound is filtered down, and that horrible constant ringing of tinnitus is currently the loudest sound in it. However, I don’t think this is a tinnitus attack – I think that it is a side effect of the silence in the ear itself. I think that it’s that horrible wax build up stuff – which is annoying because I like to think that I am a pretty clean person – but it has affected me over the past day or so, and has gotten worse today. I am hoping with the olive oil treatment that it will improve, otherwise a trip to the Doctors is in order. Whilst I am like this though I don’t really want to go out, but alas, work tomorrow and I am not the type for calling in sick. [I’ve been working since I was about 14 and have only had two sick days, once because I was severely jet lagged (July 21st, 2005…. Harry Potter was also released that day…) and a couple of years ago I had the flu… the real flu, the one where you physically can’t get out of bed].

Hopefully the customers won’t be too rude with me… and if they are I can pretend I couldn’t hear them anyways!

So today, whilst waiting for the boiler man this morning, I put my third Sackboy together. This is one for Alex, and I don’t currently have a picture that I can link you to, but he’s a pretty multicoloured little Sackboy. I am pleased with the size of him as well, he was made on 5.00mm needles, and certainly seems to have turned out the best in terms of size and gauge as the stuffing can’t been seen through the fabric.

I am one of those knitters that can only have one project on the go at any one time. I think that if I did this any other way I would get bogged down in unfinished projects and I just can’t let my mind be that disorganised. I like seeing a project through from beginning to end, and the whole process makes me pretty content. So whilst I was finishing up Sackboy III I was trying to decide what the next project would be. The choices were narrowed down to Falconry Gloves, the pattern was sent to me free by the author on Ravelry, the last HP scarf that I sort of scrapped the idea of but is now resurfacing, or a pair of TARDIS socks, again the pattern courtesy of Ravelry. With Doctor Who due to start on Saturday, and me actually getting some sock yarn in, it seemed a good tribute to go with the Doctor Who related theme.

In the year or so that I have been knitting I haven’t knitted a sock. I tried one a while back that had lace in it, but I didn’t really understand the concept of lace back then, put it to one side to improve the lace part, then frogged it as it wasn’t likely that I was going to go back to it.

I am writing this after completing something like 8 rows or so, and I certainly have high hopes for this. I originally planned on making these for my brother, and if they turn out too big for me I am sure that they will make their way that way, but considering the pattern is “women’s medium” I thought I would make it according the pattern, and then adjust it when I know what to expect from it.


As you may have guess from my last blog I finally finished “The Map of Time” and thank heavens! It means that I have moved on to “Night of the Triffids”, the sequel to “Day of the Triffids” by John Wyndam, although the sequel is written by a different author. Look out for the review of that soon as I am already about a third of the way through. [I wonder if there’s any Triffid related knitting…]

I’ll leave you with this thought – if you could choose, and had to for whatever reason – what sense would you give up? Me, I would give up speech as there are other ways to communicate. I don’t want to lose my hearing because I love listening to music, touch – textures, materials – I’d miss that, taste… well it would suck to not be able to taste your food… I suppose smell could be sacrificed… but speech would be my choice.

Take it easy, and keep on crafting!