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On Sunday, I think it was, I finished the first half of the TARDIS socks. I was planning on blogging about it then, but I had only just posted about “Night of the Triffids” so thought I ought to give it a break for a day or so before I posted again. [I wouldn’t want to bore you all now!]. In regards to my previous post it was the most liked post I’ve had – so thank you for taking the time to read it and to like it. You make me feel special! And you make me feel as though I am not talking to myself when I post these. I plan to write more book reviews in the future like I used to a long time ago.

I am really pleased with how the sock as turned out seeing as it is my first ever. Well, I suppose that isn’t technically true as I tried making a sock not long after I started knitting and learnt to use DPNs but it had a lace pattern to it and it went a bit wrong so I gave up. The only thing that I have ever given up as well, I should add, in the year or so that I have been knitting. The yarn for this is just a general Regia one in a solid blue, with 4ply white and black where needed that I already had in my stash.

After seeing the pattern on Ravelry for the TARDIS socks, and seeing Stella’s complete pair that she made a while ago now, I knew that I needed to give sock making a try a again! As mentioned I am pleased with how the first one had turned out, however, the only drawback is that it is slightly too big in the foot area. My plan is to make the second sock the same as the first, and perhaps use them more in a slipper context, or do a Cinderella and see if my brother’s feet fit them, or his partner. I’m sure that she would love them as well!

Of course, now I have to cast on for the second sock. I went out and got some new needles specifically for this [I hope that it doesn’t drastically change my tension!] as my bamboo ones were bowing in the middle and it was a bit awkward using one of them specifically. The new ones are metal, I think, the normal Pony ones, and hopefully won’t bend! I think it’s because I tend to grip the needles and yarn as though I were holding on for dear life!

[Not the greatest picture… I should really take these on my actual camera rather than my phone].

I did actually start the second sock yesterday but it went a little wrong. I cast on like normal but I thought I would be clever and change where my round started on the needle so that the marker was actually placed at the beginning of the round and not one stitch after, but even though I tried casting on like this twice I managed to twist the stitched twice, so rather than try again I thought it would be wise to give the knitting a break for a night and ended up reading my latest book [“Heat Wave – Richard Castle”… I’ll write about it when I finish, but if you recognise the name and are unsure, it’s a TV tie in with Castle].

From this project I want to take away the experience of making socks, but I also want to try and learn how to adapt a pattern for different sizes as at the moment this is something that I really have no idea how to do. So whether it’s the ribbing section, or, as mentioned above the main foot part of the sock so that they are better fitting, I’d like to be able to do this.

I have also discovered a brand of yarn from the USA that I would really love to try “GnomeAcres” as they have some really awesome looking skeins of yarn, does anyone out there in the blogosphere have any experience with it? Because I really would like to try it, but it looks expensive and I’m not sure what the current rate of GBP/USD conversion is and I don’t want to order it and hate it. [I want the “Polyjuice” colourway].

Anyway – to the next sock – no second sock syndrome here. I shall have a complete pair of TARDIS’s to wear on my feet. [I also to make a Paradox Box… nobody seems to have done that yet!]

Thanks for reading and keep crafting!