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It’s taken the most part of the month [in between the reading, and the working, and the general day to day living] but today I have completed my first ever pair of knitted socks, and more importantly, they are the Doctor Who themed “TARDIS” socks [pattern on Ravelry].

I am pleased with how they have turned out. They are a little bit big at the gusset [I think that’s the right term?] but being as though these are my first ever pair of socks I am quite happy. The second one has come out much, much better than first, and perhaps this is because I knew the pattern more and understood what I was doing and the techniques that I needed to use when I needed to use them.  The heel is a bit weird on the first sock, but on the second on it looks normal, so I’m not sure what went wrong seeing as though I think I used the same techniques when constructing them.

When I was reading the pattern there’s a section that says “repeat three more times” in reference to the panels to make the doors, however I only did two repeats, and as you can see in the picture it means that technically the doors are a whole panel short. There are two consolations from doing this, one, if I had done four I would have run out of yarn [I think] and needed three balls of yarn rather than the two, and two, on Ravelry it looks like a lot of people have made the same mistake as me so it’s really not all that bad.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made these. I wasn’t sure what the final outcome was going to be. I have tried making socks before, but it incorporated a lace pattern and I didn’t really know what lace was and required at the time, and I am sure that if I went back to that pattern I’d have more luck now. However, seeing as this project took me about a month, it’s time for a break from the world of sock knitting, a foray into a world that shan’t be my last. [Doesn’t the word “shan’t” remind you of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, chapter one?]. I will definitely be looking through the Ravelry database for more sock patterns. Possibly charted ones?

It took me a while to cast on and make any kind of progress with the second sock than the first. I think the thought of the 1×1 twisted rib was gnawing at me, I really didn’t want to do it! When/if I make these again, I’ll change that for 2×2 rib or something similar. Now that I’ve done these once, I know what to expect and can make small changes to the pattern – if I was making them again for myself I would decrease more stitches for the instep for instance.

I doubt that I will wear these socks out. I will however make sure that I wear them at home. The last knitted garment I made myself I have hung up in the wardrobe, having only worn it a few times, mainly because I didn’t make the length of it long enough [a Kate Davies “Owls” jumper which I love, but yeah]. I’m tempted to turn these socks into a pair of slippers, or to reinforce the bottoms or something. I am not sure yet, but yes, I will have to make sure that I wear these more than the jumper.

My next project will be a pair of Falconry gloves, the pattern gifted to me by the author around Christmas time. I am aware that the weather is changing so will probably be the wrong time of year to be making a pair of gloves, however, my laced mitts are starting to degrade. In fact, it’s the same one that I replaced already – frustratingly with the laced mitts, the replaced one – I noticed the other day that there’s a dropped stitch which actually explains why my cast off when wrong and that the edge is far too tight. Maybe I can darn the loose stitch in, but at the point in time I’ve sort of lost my love of them. So, to new gloves. Which is part of the beauty of knitting!

I think I shall leave it there for today! Happy crafting!