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The past couple of days I’ve been knitting a set of “Falconry” gloves, the pattern donated to me by the author around Christmas time on Ravelry. I love this pattern, I think the final product is really quite awesome, and slightly steampunk. I already know what pattern I’ll be using to make a matching scarf a little later in the year.

These gloves are so easy to make, but I did have to make sure that I read through the pattern a few times before I started, and again when it came to making the button bands. The right hand was much easier to make than the left, but the instructions for the left was weirdly different. Not your average left vs right different. I think there may have been an error along the way as there were a different amount of total rows on the left, and there was also a different placement of button holes. To compensate for this I took the instructions for the right hand, and applied the make ones and YOs to ensure that they matched both hands.

I think these are some of the smartest items I have made. Everything about them has just gone right – once I adjusted the pattern as mentioned of course – event the tension! I don’t typically measure tension when making items. Perhaps when I start making more clothing style items I will, but I haven’t done so far. I know that I am a pretty tight knitter, and as such I know that I typically have to go up several needles sizes. I think my brain thinks that my hands have to grip the needles and the yarn for dear life. Sometimes my hands hurt so much after making something! For these gloves when I was making the hand part I kept thinking to myself that they looked too small, that I should have made the larger size for the hands, that they would never fit. Even when I was trying them on as I was going I couldn’t see them fitting. Once I had put the finishing touches on the first glove I thought I would measure the stitches to see if I was anywhere close to what the pattern required, and considering that I was already using three needle sizes above that of what the pattern required I was amazed that the tension was pretty much spot on!

You don’t really get a sense of the colours from these pictures – taken on my phone rather than my camera because the camera in my phone is so much more user friendly when it comes to sharing my knitting with the world – but the yarn is a variegated [is that the right word?] I was pleased that I was able to get the coloured strips to sort of match up with each other. One has a green thumb, the other has a purple. The buttons were from a Knit Now issue as well, perfect for this little project! And just enough of them too!

I love that they are kind steampunk too. I love the imagination of this subculture, and would love to be able to make some of the costumes and accessories that it has to offer. Perhaps I’ll be able to make some more knitted related items for this area – that is what Ravelry is for!

This is only going to be a short entry today as I want to – embarrassingly – write some Castle fanfiction. It’s been a while since I delved into the fandom world but the other day I was attacked by a plot bunny that just wouldn’t leave me be.

Also, I am off to see Pink at the O2 arena tomorrow, so really ought to sort out something to wear as I am working in the morning!

Take it easy folks!