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After stalling a little bit since my last update I am pleased to announce that I have finished the Gryffindor bag that I was making for my niece. I am really pleased with how it turned out considering my reservations about how tight I was knitting despite my attempts to physically loosen up the way I was gripping the needles.

The pattern calls for a crocheted strap, however my crochet is less than adequate for even something as simple as that – I mean I can just about do a provisional cast on with a crochet hook – and that’s the end of my crochet skills. My Ma can crochet, and to be fair she did try to teach me, but she’s a bit rusty herself, so she has to relearn herself before she can teach me. All of which leads me to the fact that I made a garter stitch strap rather than a crocheted one. The strap itself has actually come out a bit longer than I thought it would, and the finished product fit me size wise perfectly, so my niece will have plenty of growing up with it room.

I managed to make a lining for the inside as well. I was always planning to do this, but I have had this intimidation when it comes to using my sewing machine as the patterns, even the functions of the machine, just seem so completely foreign. The thing about using this is that for the most part I am learning this from scratch. I did a bit of sewing at school, but that was when I was 14, and I learned other things since then and the knowledge seems to have left my brain somewhere along the way. But this is just the start of this foray.

The morning that I made the lining, and part of the reason why made it that day, was because I was watching a rerun of “The Great British Sewing Bee” that originally ran on the BBC a while back. It was the first episode, and there are mainly women – as you would expect – and a couple of men that entered the competition. I want Mark to win, but considering it’s a re-run and I know that he doesn’t, I think I want him to win because he makes his own Steampunk clothes and just made of win. And something that I would like to be able to get to making when I am eventually skilled enough for it.

In browsing the WordPress blogs on the app on my phone I was introduced to something called My Sewing Circle that looks like the Ravelry of the sewing world. My understanding is that it’s in its early stages of development and with any luck one, I’ll be able to use it [again, it seems it’s a bit intimidating at the moment], two, I’ll be able to actually create something. I’ve casually mentioned to both my parents that I’d like my own shed in the back garden with some electricity running into it as there isn’t really enough space in my room for a full on craft space – but then again I suppose it’s okay for what I do at the moment, and I doubt I would be able to get a shed without a lot of effort and with money that I should be saving to pay off Bessie at the end of the agreement.

Speaking of Bessie she had her first service on Friday. £180 lighter, but it was done for another year, and I am sure the next will go just as fast. After the service I picked up my brother and we went to see the new Star Trek, which was just made of win. I bought the biggest combo of popcorn and coke I could get so that I could get the pin that was free with it in the Odeon cinema. I really feel as though this rejuvenation of the franchise has really worked, as me and my brother geeked out at the events that unfolded. Strangely, even for a Friday, there was absolutely no one about, just like Iron Man 3 last week.

Benedict Cumberbatch makes for an amazing bad guy. I read somewhere recently that he didn’t want to be typecast as an evil dude, but I tell you what, with his performance in Star Trek he needs a few more bad ass roles. I have been watching Sherlock, the BBC series, on DVD over the last week or so and feel as though I have discovered a wicked talent – and can understand why people would want him as the Doctor. I think he will be a hugely successful  actor.

I need to make an Enterprise, like the one from TNG that has a detachable section. I want to design and make this. Somehow. Because it would be awesome, and in line with my absolute love of the franchise [why didn’t Voyager have something like that? Rather than the bat-mobile suped up version in the last episode…

Since Friday I have pretty much had this stuck in my head:

Okay, I am stopping with that now. I promise. Now I just need to figure out what my next project will be!

Keep on crafting!