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When one project ends it is always a task for me to find a new project to start. When I don’t have anything on the needles I tend to get a bit antsy. I like having a project on the go, and typically, I don’t have more than on the go either. I like putting the energy and

creativity into one project, and then the final product. I also like knitting for other people, although generally I just knit for myself.

So this being said, my latest project, just like the last one actually, is for my baby niece. I haven’t made anything for babies before, so this was my first foray into the area. My niece is actually coming up to a year old, but my knitting skills when she was born wasn’t good enough to entertain knitting anything for, but now I can say with confidence that everything with my skills has vastly improved. I have noticed over my last few projects that my finishing off has been better and neater as well, which pleases me as this was one area I wasn’t sure about.

So my finished project is a bear cub hat. I was looking through the Ravelry database for baby related stuff for a work friend of

my sisters as she’s pregnant and wants some homemade hand knit items, and apparently I am the only knitter that she knows, even if it’s by association. So whilst I am waiting for a list of items to make, I have gone out and bought some yarn in order to make a blanket, and would like to make some mitred squares and put it all together. I just need to find the right square pattern if that doesn’t sound too daft.

I haven’t tried the hat on my baby niece yet, so I have no idea if it fits. I also made a set of mittens to go with it. The mittens I am not so happy with in terms of the finished item. The first one I made on DPN’s and I haven’t worked on anything that small in circumference. I found that at the point of turn the stitches are looser than they should be, almost imperceptible but I can see it. The second one I made magic loop method and this was much better, and actually went much quicker than the first one. The other thing that impacted my enjoyment of making the first one was the type of DPN I used. The beginning bit I used metal DPN’s, but the main body of the mitten I was using wooden DPN’s. You know the kind, cheap and affordable that you buy when you first get into knitting until you discover the type of needle that you like using. The wooden DPN’s are pretty rubbish, but I’ve been treated with the luxury of my KnitPro’s circulars, so maybe investing in their DPN’s may be in order.

For my next project I intend to do a bit of stash busting and make a Steampunk shawl to match the Falconry gloves from a few weeks ago. I’ve made it before, but wasn’t happy with the results, so this time should be much better. And then, after that, I am hoping to get the first requests through for the baby stuff. [I think the lady will pay me for the yarn, that’s acceptable, right? Considering I don’t her at all? Not even in passing?]

Anyway, that’s all for now, happy crafting!