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Are you shocked yet? This is my second blog today. Did you read the first one? It was about “The Martian Ambassador” by Alan K. Baker, my most recent read [I have since chosen to read “Ready Player One” as my next book]. This, second, blog isn’t about reading or books at all. In fact, it’s about my most recent completed knit. I finished it tonight, and thought I would also share it with you. I mentioned it a few posts ago [before the most recent spate of book reviews], and is the second item I have made from this pattern.

The pattern is Age of Brass and Steel, and keeping with today’s theme in blogs, is Steampunk themed. It’s a really easy knit to make, a great first attempt at simple lace knitting, something that I found useful when I first carried out this project. I made this to be a matching scarf for my Falconry gloves that I made a while back. I know I keep going on about the Falconry gloves but I really like them, and I genuinely think that they are one of the best, if not the best, item that I have finished in the course of my knitting, and thought it appropriate to have a matching scarf.

The picture is unblocked. However, I think that even if it were blocked the eyelets on the sides of the garment wouldn’t be that visible. The yarn is Aran weight and I started with 5.00mm needles, but I didn’t feel I was getting the full effect of the eyelets, so thought I would change to 5.5mm [without unravelling, I didn’t want to!] and see how it went. Aside from the side details not coming out as defined as I would have liked I think that this has turned out pretty well though, although, I’m not sure if you can see but I did make a mistake so the second row of eyelets running through the scarf aren’t all that clear. But it’s okay.

I can’t decide if I should put in an i-cord tie at the front in order to fasten it shut as I think it’s big enough for such a closing, or to see if I can get a relatively nice and big Steampunk-y clasp that would define it and bring it in line with the gloves. Both ideas appeal so I need to give some thought as to what would work best. I have enough yarn left to make the ties, if I make them, but something decorative would give a bit of definition as well. Choices, choices!

This project was an in-between project for me as well. I am still waiting for my orders for baby knits. My sister’s work colleague is away at the moment so I won’t know until at least next week, and my sister’s best friend is also pregnant and I’d like to make something for her. I didn’t make anything for my niece until recently as my skills weren’t up there and good enough, but now I think I’ve gotten to a place where I am happy to make things for more than myself and my Ma. Besides, May is only a year old so there’s still plenty of time to make her baby related things.

My plan is to start making a baby blanket of fairly neutral colours until I get more details through the pipeline. There are few things that will have to be made, like the hat that I made for May that I posted a few posts back. I haven’t ever made a blanket before, so I want to keep it simple, mitred squares or something like that. Simple, but effective. Very Pink Knits from YouTube has a nice simple pattern to follow if I can’t find anything else that I think will do, and she is my go to person in the world of YouTube if there is something in the knitting world that I don’t understand.

Well, I’ve probably bored you all twice in one day so I’ll leave it there for the time being.

Take it easy and keep crafting,