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It seems like an age since I last blogged considering how regularly I have done it in the last few months. And a couple of weeks ago, I think it was, I actually blogged three times in a week, and twice in one day. Or something to that effect. I enjoy this outlet. When I am reviewing books, and writing about the things I make, it’s nice to know that there are other people out there doing it too. In terms of reviewing things I’ve started to get a bit more analytical about everything that I see, or read, or watch and want to write about it all. I don’t write about everything that I want to as I don’t want to bore people from coming to my little corner of the blogosphere.

That being said, every time I write a review about something, however rambling it becomes, I enjoy it. So there may be more in the future in areas I haven’t thought about yet, like films and TV shows. I think more than anything it depends on the time that I have, and what happens in between this and “real life”.

So I wanted to share with you something that I have been trying failing to do over the last week or so. It’s something that I find frustrating and difficult and seems to me to be harder than anything that I have ever done before, including sorting out my sewing stuff. What is it? You may ask, wondering if I was planning to jump out of an aeroplane, or swim an exceedingly long distance, or run a marathon. It is none of these things. It is something that most knitters find hard, so I am aware.

I tried to learn crochet.

I mean, I really, really tried.

The one in yellow was my first attempt at this, and it was utter fail. Ma has been trying to teach me, and she has this lovely blanket on the go in lots of different colours, and I just had that monstrosity glaring at me, mocking me in my failure. Granted at the time I was trying to learn I was absolutely shattered, it was fairly late at night, and crochet language is like a foreign language anyway. Give me a knitting pattern any day.

Then, after getting fed up of trying, unravelling, trying again [rinse, lather, repeat] something happened. It’s not very neat, or tidy, and actually looks nothing like what Ma has got going but it is a start. It’s something to work with. I still haven’t a clue about crochet language, or even if it’s actually “right” but it’s something, and each time I go round it grows bigger and bigger. And it’s still square, which certainly seems to be something.

I don’t think I will be able to read a crochet pattern to save my life – give me the most complex knitting pattern you can find thank you very much – but this is a start in learning a new skill, adding a skill to my growing list of abilities. Also, it’s red in colour, but the picture makes it look a bit on the pink side. I took it on my new iPhone and have no idea how it actually works. [I got an iPhone because I think the App store has more to offer, and generally I like the responsiveness of it all compared to my HTC, but the WordPress app on it is really useless at the moment as it doesn’t refresh the reader, which is why I have been a bit on the “quite” side reading and liking blogs. Hopefully this will be sorted soon!]

So right now I am persevering with attempting this crochet thing [I should have mentioned that I’m doing this to kill the time until my knitting orders for babies come in – something I’m still waiting on! I hate having idle hands. Watching the TV with nothing to work on just isn’t the same for me anymore]. I’m still reading “Ready Player One” but it won’t be long before I am done with that and another review will be on the cards. There is so much to talk about with this book that I find myself already writing sections of the review in my head.

Anyways, we’ll leave it there for now.

Keep on smiling,