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It feels as though it’s been such a long time since I updated. In reality I think it’s only been a couple of weeks, and I have managed to start [and finish] one of the baby projects that was tasked for me. I have also been reading “A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow” [I was being a cheapskate and brought the two books separately rather than in a bundle and it was slightly cheaper], and am nearly done with that so look out for a blog on that soon because there are a few things that have made me be like WTF?

The first part of the baby project that I started was the cardigan. The pattern came with “Knit Now” as an additional baby supplement, and some of the patterns were just too cute to pass up which is why I lent the pamphlet out exclusively and not with any of the other magazines. The pattern is called “Rosebud Cardigan” and, and I choose Rowan Sienna 4ply to make it with. Because the yarn was quite difficult to locate, even online [I found], I ordered through Deramores, something that I hadn’t done before. They gave a very quick and efficient service but when the yarn turned up I was a bit baffled at how two small balls were going to make this garment. Suffice to say I got my maths right and there was plenty for the project, with a fair amount left over. [Not really enough to do anything with though].

I really liked using this yarn. I think in terms of expense it’s up there as one of the most expensive yarns I have bought, but I thought that in the end it would be worth it for the final project. I really like the stitch definition, and you can see it pretty clearly in the pictures. As you can sense there is a “but” coming up. Making the individual parts was fine, and I have done seaming before using mattress stitch, [and this is where the “but” comes in], seaming this garment was an absolute nightmare. Check this picture out:

I mean, you see it right? I know that this is only the second garment I have made but there is no way that I can give this away in my right mind. I think it’s pretty awfully seamed. I found it really difficult to find the right part of the stitch, and when I was going I thought it looked okay, but when I looked at the final product I thought, and still think, that it looks particularly hideous. I don’t think this is a case of careful unpicking and starting again either. [I genuinely don’t love the way this has turned out enough to be able to do it].

I’ve been in touch with the lady that it is for via my sister as they are colleagues, and have explained that I am not happy with it and will make it again, this time in my normal yarn and with any luck that will turn out better. I also have an urge to adapt the pattern and make as much of it as possible in the round/ as one piece which in theory in my little brain seems to be okay. I’d have to dig out the stitch holders and use my brain a bit but really, it should work.

Another thing to note about the pattern and this seems to happen to me a lot, the pattern for the left arm and the right arm are different, and I think that makes a really noticeable difference at the top where the arms join to make the shoulders. There’s only two stitches difference but to me that is just ridiculous considering it’s a new born baby size garment. On the shaping at the arm holes the left side in the pattern goes down to “8 stitches remaining” yet the right is “10 stitches remaining”. Frustrating doesn’t even cover it.

So whilst I ponder the technicalities of changing the pattern I have cast on the other request from the lady for a baby blanket, again from the same pamphlet, and this seems to be going relatively well so far. However, my stitch counter gave up the ghost a few weeks again, so every row and line is being handwritten until I press the checkout button on Amazon for a new one. [I’m actually investing in a golf “clicker” as it goes up to 9,999, and might work a bit better for me, assuming I will be able to reset it to 0 after every pattern].

I will make that cardigan again, so watch this space for a hopefully better finished project. I’m not buying more yarn for it either; I’ll just use some pink DK [instead of 4ply as I also thought it was too small even though my tension was more or less spot on]. Ponder the pictures if you dare, and perhaps help me find where this has gone so drastically wrong!

Happy crafting folks,