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My latest knitting project is taking its sweet time to come together. I always knew making a blanket, of any size, would take time for progress to show. I can happily announce that the baby blanket is over the 50 per cent made mark, which means that it’s all downhill now – everything is heading towards that end point, the cast off point. My hands are thankful for this as they are starting to ache from the constant motion.

Casting off isn’t the end of this particular project. There is an edging to make as well, and as it currently stands I am unsure whether I will take a break between making the border and carrying out another project [there are several little projects that I want to make for other people – like a Minion for Alex, and a cute little birdie for my mum].

One of the reasons that this has taken it’s time to feel as though I’ve made any progress is partly to do with the hot weather that we’ve been having. Knitting in the heat isn’t a problem per ce, it’s the knitting in the humidity. I don’t like the clammy, sticky feeling of the needles and yarn that makes the idea of knitting utterly repulsive during the heat of the day. And of course, there’s work that also gets in the way, and the general other stuff that life gives you as well.

I know that I still have to remake the baby cardigan, and with this I am going to modify the pattern to allow me to knit it as much as I can in one piece which will make the whole process of sewing up the seams much, much easier.

I haven’t written a blog in sometime, but actually there isn’t much more to add except that I am slogging away at this baby blanket, and that it’s nearing its end. I can’t say that I feel happy about it, more indifferent because I am not sure that person who it’s going too is going to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something like this.

Ask me again when it’s over?

Keep on crafting,