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One of the biggest blockbusters of the cinema this summer has been “Despicable Me 2”, with the crazy adopted children, Gru’s recruitment into the Anti-Villain League and, the Minions, the little guys that actually do steal the show with their antics. They are cute, and sweet, and have enamoured a great deal of people. Recently, I went to Thorpe Park with my man and no kidding we spent quite some time sinking money into the claw machines trying to win a Minion. Alex is obsessed with the little critters, ridiculously so.

In my failure to win a Minion from the claw machines [and also losing a good deal of money as well], I decided to see what was available knitting wise so that I could still give Alex a Minion. Naturally, there were more than enough patterns to choose from – although I have to exclude the crochet as I can’t actually do it despite my best efforts – however I managed to find a nice pattern.

The pattern was really easy to follow, and is split into two sections – the main body and appendages, and then the trousers and decorations. It’s great for stash busting – it could be uniquely made and have different coloured arms and such. Everything is knit in the round but the pattern suggests DPNs, however, I did all but the eyes by magic loop as I find it easier to work with small numbers of stitches this way.

The pictures were really well received on both Facebook and Instagram which makes me happy. In fact, I now have a list of requests for one of them, which will take some time to get through. I am thinking of making a sort of supply chain like knit all the legs, arms etc. and have them ready then make the main bodies as and when I can.

I have a need to keep on knitting as the baby blanket just seemed to go on forever and I just didn’t enjoy it. I did commit to remaking the baby cardigan as I wasn’t satisfied with the way that the first one turned out, but I am lagging behind because I am simply not enjoying this making items for babies. Or perhaps it’s because I don’t think the person it’s for actually appreciates the time and effort that making things like that is worth. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll get around to it, but I need a break from that sort of thing, return to my books and my own knitting. I would imagine that in the next few weeks I get more done than I have done in the past few months.

Plus, I want to get round to making another Harry Potter related item as I am feeling the need to reconnect to my fandom once more. I love knitting things for it. I already know what it is, and who it is for, so here’s hoping that they like it! And it would also finally use the yarn that I bought for that specific reason as well. And if there’s something I need to do it’s go through my stash a bit. It doesn’t look too bad when it’s been vacuum packed!

Right, I’ll leave it there for today. My next blog will either be Minion related or be a review of “The Midnight Circus” so I’ll see you here again soon!

Keep on crafting!