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The project featured in today’s blog is a remake of a baby cardigan that I did a few weeks [months?] ago that I wasn’t happy with the result. In fact, it was so shameful I have given it to my panda bear that Alex made me from Build-A-Bear a while back. It actually fits the bear, so I doubt it would have fit an actual, living baby. Unlike this new incarnation which looks awesome in comparison.

The new cardigan is made with DK baby yarn in pink [the pictures don’t show the pink very well]. Everything about this has turned out much, much better. I made the sides and back as one piece until the shaping. This is the first time I have modified a pattern, even a simple mod such as changing the method in which a garment is made, so I was a bit apprehensive about it as I was really paranoid that I was going to end up putting the sides on the wrong way around or something. But that didn’t happen, and it turned out looking like a normal looking item, that can actually be given away to someone who would appreciate it. Yay!

The problems that I encountered with the first make of this such as the left and right sleeves having different stitch counts I took on board and simply made the left sleeve twice. The right front panel also has one row more than the other, which is a bit annoying, but I left this in wondering if there could be some reason for it. It looks okay – I don’t think it’s noticeable. There is one minor, noticeable difference that I couldn’t correct without making a whole new sleeve which is there is an extra row of garter stitch on one of the sleeves [or not enough rows, depending on how you look at it]. [But it’s okay as you can’t see the other sleeve bit haha].

Over all, this was a good experience especially compared to the last time I made something like this. Everything about it is better, from construction to the seeming and finishing off.

The astute of you will realise that I have yet to put the buttons on, which is in the pipeline for being done tomorrow [I wanted to write about it!]. I have some nice pink buttons that will do the job so I’m sure that I will post a completely finished picture in my next blog. I hope the person that this is going to likes this! Apparently the blanket went down a nice treat, and is already in the crib ready and waiting to keep a baby warm.

So that’s it for now, but I am thinking about doing a blogging challenge over September as I haven’t done one for a while.

Keep on crafting,