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So how quickly did September get here? This year just seems to be zooming by at such a ridiculous speed. Soon it will be 2014! [We’ll bypass that “C” word because saying it now would just be like swearing].

This September I want to write a blog every day. Whether I’ll be able to keep up the momentum like in years past is something that remains to be seen. I may end up scheduling a few blogs to upload on here as there will be a few days where time is short. In the past I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo which is a neat idea, and usually happens in November. In other months there’s typically a theme to keep the participants engaged and blogging away each day, however, when I checked the September themes and questions I saw that it was mostly about volunteering, which is an area in my life that sadly lacks. [That being said, there are things that I want to get involved with, but have yet to do the research – things like local conservation projects, volunteering at the old people’s home something like that]. I won’t be posting about the months theme, but like I said I aim to post every day.

Being September first I want to talk about Harry Potter. It’s something that I have talked about on countless occasions, but I have to say, not all that recently. When I read the first book when I was 11, it took such a long time. But then, like a switch, I was addicted, re-read that first book so quickly and then moved on to the next.

I will always love this series. Always. Harry Potter was the friend I had when I didn’t have any. I could relate to some of his situations, to his life. Every September first for a long time I would wish for my letter, to be taken away to magic school and life my life there.

I love what the series spawned as well. The fanfiction – both good and the bad [“My Immortal” anyone?]. It made me want to make my own fanfiction, which I did, although it will never be as good as those that inspired me to write in the first place. I could spend hours day dreaming my own stories, and even more hours reading other peoples fanfiction – there are minds out there that have created such awesome works that it’s just breath taking. And what’s more – JKR is behind fanfiction. I think this makes me so happy in many ways because she isn’t one of those people who want to restrict people’s creativity. She is credited with getting a lot more people into reading than perhaps would other discover the world of books – and there aren’t a great deal of authors that I could bring to mind that could claim the same accolade. [This is why, even though I’ve read the books, I can’t really bring myself to degrade the Twilight Saga – if it gets people reading, then fine – despite the issues with them].

I own the books 3 times over. I have paperback copies of Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. All the others are original hard backs, Goblet of Fire the only one I didn’t get on the day of the release. I also have them on my Kindle, thanks to my lovely boyfriend, and special edition hardbacks of the whole series in a special box. The edges of these books are gold glided, and cloth covered hardbacks. I love them; they are proudly on display on my bookshelf.

Well, I’ll leave that there for the moment, only to add that I made and finished another Minion this weekend, this time for my Mummy, and I’ll post a picture in a later blog entry.

Take it easy folks,