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I don’t want this “write a blog every day” thing to simply be a roundup of my every day activities because quite frankly I think that would be really boring. You don’t want to read about my work, or my dinner or anything like that.

I also don’t want to be posting last minute each and every day, unlike today. There are still things I need to do, more boring stuff like having a shower and getting ready for bed [told you, boring], so this will be a short and sweet blog entry encompassing everything that I didn’t want to include in my “write a blog every day” thing:

–          I had to spend a great deal of time in my eight hour shift today dealing with a police man attempting to link a single fire extinguisher to my place of business. Seriously, spent way too long on this. Which meant that we both spent way too long looking at the same few CCTV frames. Seriously, this guy didn’t trust me skills with my own CCTV. Rude!

–          I cast on a new project, but it will be remain a secret for the time being as it’s for a friend and I want them to be really surprised.

–          I had spaghetti for dinner. Well, pasta, not spaghetti. But I thought I would test my spelling skills and see if I could spell it. Sad, I know.

–          My mummy loves her little Minion, and I promise I will post a picture of it soon. And the finished baby cardigan.

So, a ridiculously short blog, but as I said, I’ve left this a bit late. With any luck it will be more interesting tomorrow. I’ll write about something specific tomorrow, and spend the time on the blog. Some of you may have noticed the new theme, which I think is both pretty, and sort of reminds me of Spring time, and seeing as we are now officially in Autumn [which is my favourite time of the year], I thought I would bring the Spring feel back.

Well, as mentioned, short and sweet today,

Take it easy folks, and blog again on the morrow,