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I have been sitting here with my laptop on and open for about half an hour, idly checking things like Facebook and Ravelry, trying to decide on what to write about today. Yesterday I said that I wanted to write about something specific, and on the WordPress discussion pages there was a blog about the Miley Cyrus VMA performance, suggesting that you could participate in the discussions by writing a blog on the stance you took with her performance. For me, this is an interesting topic, but one for when I have slightly more time to write an essay rather than a normal blog entry – I feel an essay would help me organise my thoughts in a more coherent manner than just the generics of what was wrong with her performance and the whys of it.

However, in trying to come up with a theme, I have nothing. Seriously, I have nothing. I want to be able to write a nice, quick, but decent entry that has a bit of meaning. I know, how about my blog itself?

Since I began dedicating my blog to both what I was reading, and what I was making, I have received quite a few new followers. My daily stats aren’t anything to be wowed at [I saw a blog the other day that has only been around for about 6 months, and has over a 100,000 views, mine, in comparison, has about 4,400 across the life my blog. I was a bit jealous as love knowing that people are reading my blog, and its addicting looking at the stats on my phone after I’ve posted a new entry. I’m hoping this is normal behaviour for someone with a WordPress account].

When I first made my blog way back in my third year of university [I think it was] I used it more as a revision tool as I was writing about some of the things I was studying for, and the exams that were nearing. I remember one day writing about Churchill, another, the East India Company, and Vietnam. The Vietnam one I remember because the exact thing that I was writing about was in the exam the next day, which made me very, very happy.  I passed the three years with a 2:1, so all the hard work paid off. I can’t exclusively say that this was because of this blog, but it helps to talk [or write] these things through like I did. It was a method that worked for me.

After NaNoWriMo and university, the whole blog thing went by the wayside for a bit as I felt as though I didn’t have anything to say. This is the sort of public forum that you can’t get particularly personal on – like I won’t ever reveal the area I live in, except that it is in Kent. That’s enough, you know? The whole thing about not having anything to say – there are times when I open a blank Word document to write and I still feel like that. I think it’s because there are times that I just don’t know how to phrase things. For instance, I really wanted to write about the Balcombe protesters recently, and my opinion about the whole matter [which doesn’t stand in line with a lot of peoples], but I didn’t know how to phrase it, and have the research material to hand to back up my reasoning. And I am sure that I would have been ripped apart in an instant had I actually got around to posting. Maybe I’ll still write about it in the future, because I really disagree with the protesters [and the concept of “Fracking” as well, which is why I think it would be a hard blog to write].

When I learnt to knit I discovered a new community to me through WordPress which made me want to write more again. Through this I am able to share with more than just my family, and that makes me happy. Being able to share and talk to a community like this also makes me feel like I have reconnected to society again as I was feeling like I hadn’t in a long time. Then I started reading again, which I hadn’t done a lot of in the previous year, so have been sharing this with my followers again because, well because I enjoy writing these things.

I guess you could say that discovering my talent for knitting allowed me to rediscover a part of myself that I had invested in my blog, and I am contented knowing that I can share this with a lovely group of people.

So, here’s to my followers, new and old, thank you for following, and I hope that reading these blogs makes you smile, and provides something of interest. Or at least distracts you from your day for a little bit of time.

Take it easy folks,


PS: The iPhone app is working properly again, which means that tag surfing and reading through the recent updates list is mobile again, and not something like 62 days out of day, as it was telling me.

Take it easy!