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Again today as I was wondering what to write for the day I ended up browsing through the WordPress theme and writing pages. This wasn’t an accidentally, the other day before I went to bed I stumbled across the weekly themed challenge – this week writing about why Miley Cyrus’ performance was a disgrace, and why, and what side of the fence, if any, you [the writer] sat on. This is an interesting area of the site for me, and something I will keep an eye on as I wouldn’t mind writing more constructively every now and then, in addition to the blogs on reading and writing.

Today, however, is not the day that I write like that. There is another section of the same part of the WordPress site that posts daily themes, and I think through the course of this stint at NaBloPoMo it will be a handy area to keep an eye on as it will allow me to have something to write about aside from the nothings that tend to appear when I participate in these challenges. I am glad that I discovered this little part of the WordPress site.

I plan to use this from tomorrow as I have once again left this a little late as I started writing, I think I even had an idea before I started writing, then got distracted with a bath – in which I was reading my current book “John Dies at the End” by David Wong [which isn’t really the name of the author, it’s the guy that runs Cracked.com or something like that]. It’s quite funny, and I’m looking forwards to the review and also finding out what happens.

I have decided from Monday that I am going to try and go to the Gym maybe two or three days a week with my sister. Mims already goes to the Gym and she loves it – I want to go because I need to lose a bit of weight and going with someone will hopefully help me conquer my paranoia of people watching me places like the Gym…

Well, that’s all for today. Sorry this is a bit disappointing, but I am running out of time. Again.

Take it easy!