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One of my most popular, and most “searched for” blogs is one that I made a while ago – back in August 2010 – and titled “Disabled Access is a Dalek Conspiracy”. What this relates to is when the comedians on QI just chatting away to each other, and David Mitchell comes out with this line but I couldn’t tell you what the episode was actually about.

I have often wondered why this particular blog would be one that would be searched for the most, and upon re-reading it today I still cannot fathom why this would be one of the most read of my blogs. Excluding the Doctor Who reference – a subject that I have written about countless times after this particular blog [anyone excited for the 50th anniversary?], that and Harry Potter because both of them are really cool and have these really awesome fanbases.

The other thing that is included in that specific blog entry was me talking about my favourite film – Sister Act – which remains my favourite film no matter how silly it is. I don’t think that this is the searched part of the blog though, so there doesn’t seem to be a resolution as to why this particular blog comes up in the search part.

I love writing this blog. Recently I hit the 200 blog post mark. Considering I have had this domain for over three years [I thought it was more than that, but I checked the other day. My first ever entry was in April 2010…which also means my current laptop is about the same age, again, I thought it was older…]200 posts is nothing really. I think today’s post will make it 205 or 206. I was planning on writing a special blog at the 200 mark but had one of those I really don’t know what to post stints on, and hadn’t long finished reading “The Night Circus” so wrote about that instead. Exciting 200th topic maybe it’s not, but at least it ties in with the theme of my blog.

As I mentioned in the first of these NaBlo blogs I have come to write mainly about knitting or the books that I have finished reading. These NaBlo blogs are the first deviations from that since I took up knitting sometime in the beginning of 2012. I think it makes a refreshing break from the norm.

When I was looking at the DailyPost Themed blogs the one for 04.09.2013 was about being a rock, and asked whether you [as a person] ask for help or go it alone. This is an interesting topic, but not something I can write about at this point in time because of how I am in general, so I went through some of the older themes in the archive and there are some interesting things to write about, but all in good time.

One of the reasons why I am doing NaBlo again, even if it’s not strictly the theme of September, is because I don’t turn on my laptop all that much anymore and this is a perfect way to get back into the frequent writing, brushing up my skills as NaNoWriMo is coming up and I fully intend to take part. This year I have come up with a list of subjects that I want to avoid including time travel, possible dystopian futures [although I have an idea already about this, and did start writing something a while back, but then I discovered a book with a very familiar theme and was really disappointed at finding it]. However, writing every day as mentioned will help me.

All I need to do is actually pick a theme and stick with it.

Hopefully tomorrow!

Take it easy folks,