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Yesterday [and today] I have late shifts at work. I don’t usually do them for whatever reason, so I have spent the morning idling away the time. It’s strange because I don’t feel as I can concentrate on something like reading a book because I get carried away and forgot to look at the time. One the same level, I don’t tend to knit in the mornings. I prefer I work shifts to be the AM ones as I do more in the evenings. I am an early bird, not a night owl.

That being said, when I got home last night I was sending silly messages to a friend about Star Trek and posting a host of Star Trek: Next Generation stuff on both Facebook [where, to be fair, there was only a couple of things that I posted because I don’t think Facebook could handle me… it probably could. Maybe I’ll just spare everyone else from it], I also posted a bunch of stuff to Tumblr [yes, I have one of those, not that I really know how to use it and get a bit intimidated by the sheer ability of people to write essays on absolutely anything… and those feminists are a bit scary too! Shh!]

So I thought today I would share a bit of what I was posting because some of the memes out there are pretty hilarious. I love that people can take that one screencap and make into a million different things. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “a picture can speak a thousand words”.

I love Star Trek. I don’t get to sit down and watch it as much as I would like, and The Next Generation is definitely the best [I used to be a complete Voyager fan – Kate Mulgrew was my childhood hero… I know, shh! Again]. Picard is made of win – although sometime he can be a complete douchebag, but he’s human, so it’s okay.

Alright, so I wanted to add a few more but realised a lot of them have swearing in them – which adds to the meme, but you guys might not want to read swears. So I shan’t share those. But I will share a couple of YouTube views that are made of win:





And lastly, this really made me chuckle:


Take it easy folks,