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What would you consider luxury? Or, as today’s DailyPost prompt asks, “luxurious”?

This is an interesting question as it immediately brings to mind so many different trains of thought, from hobbies, technology, even time itself. What is luxury? What does it mean to you?

For me there are several strands to talk about in terms of “luxury”. In terms of my hobbies for instance, luxury is both having the time to do it, for example my photography, to the types of materials that I use. Again, in photography I would say that this is the type of camera I use [the now slightly out of date Canon 500D,that I wouldn’t replace for the world despite my camera envy of Alex’s 650D]. In knitting, it’s the type of yarn I use. For the most part it’s acrylic which is something that I have no problem with. With more special projects I try to use more wool based yarn, blends, or even a softer acrylic [I don’t have a LYS, excluding HobbyCraft, and I don’t want to buy online without seeing/touching it first]. My most luxurious yarn in my stash is an alpaca/mohair blend that is so soft. I am thinking of making Kate Davies’ “Braid Hills” with it, but I need to look over the pattern to see if I have enough, which requires actually buying the pattern first. Also, I would consider the needles I use – KnitPro circulars – a luxury too, they are beautiful to hold and use, and make knitting a million times easier all round.

There are things that we have in our everyday life that would be considered luxury, but we’re so used to seeing it, having it, owning it that actually we don’t realise it is a luxury. For instance, how many televisions are there in your house? In ours we have three, the main one in the living room, and then one in my room and another in my twin sisters room. My one is like having an internal cinema as it’s a 43 inch HD TV. That is most definitely luxury. I have a Sky box in my room, a PS3 [which doubles as a BluRay player], an awesome stereo system – do you see where this is going? My room alone is full of luxuries that in reality I probably take for granted.

After my shift last night I went over to Alex’s for the night. I forgot to pack my iPhone charger. It would have been okay had it been an iPhone 4, but it’s not, it’s the i5, which has that fancy new Lightning cable connecter, which I think means that the device charges up in a shorter amount of time that other forms of the iPhone. It definitely charges faster than my previous HTC anyways. It does make you think though what would life be like if we didn’t have all this luxurious tech about. I’d still have my knitting, but the tech helps me connect to people all over the world who also knit away. It makes something that would otherwise be rather lonely if there’s no one you could do it with [which I don’t].

The question in the DailyPost is “what’s the one luxury item you couldn’t live without?”.

This is such a difficult question to answer, as you can see above there’s already a lot in my room that can be considered luxury. What would be the one thing that I couldn’t live without… I would guess it would be my iPod as I can just switch it on, plug in and get lost in whatever it is that I am doing, knitting, reading, writing all sorts.

Actually, thinking about it, the one luxury item I couldn’t live without would have to be electricity.

Maybe I should do something about that.

Take it easy folks,