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I wasn’t planning on talking about this today, but it just had to be done from the moment that I saw the “Happy Birthday Star Trek” pictures and status’ on Facebook and Tumblr.

I know, another blog about Star Trek. I did the Picard thing the other day, which I was really happy with, and then on Tumblr I started a 30 Day meme about awesome Female characters, and my first entry was about the esteemed Kathryn Janeway. I mentioned in a previous blog that she was my hero when I was growing up, I remember rushing home from school [which took quite some time to be honest, like an hour and a half or something like that] so that I could watch the episodes being broadcast on Sky. I loved “Voyager”. Embarrassingly, I used to print out pictures of the Voyager crew and put them on my bedroom walls. [I did it with other fandoms too, so at least it wasn’t exclusive to Voyager].

So it’s the 47th birthday for the Star Trek fandom [not quite the 50 to match Doctor Who, so we Brits are still ahead of you America]. I haven’t actually seen any of the first series, although I would like too, if only to see where this series had its origins. I think The Next Generation will always be my favourite as there are so many good memories related to this particular series [like my brother pretending to conduct the theme song every time it is played]. I shan’t bombard you with the memes like I did the other day.

Perhaps when I eventually get my own place I’ll be able to build a complete collection of the series ever made and be able to watch them all. I don’t want to buy into Netflix or LoveFilm or anything like that as they just don’t appeal to me as I like to own box sets to watch whenever I please.

One thing that I always mention when it comes to talking about fandom in general is the ability to connect to other people almost instantaneously as soon as a fandom – whatever it is – is mentioned is amazing. The strongest connections I have made in life, from the internet to reality [my best friend and I bonded almost immediately over Harry Potter – friends for life, I tell you] and the same could be said for Star Trek. One of my colleagues is currently re-watching the Original Series, and we regularly talk Star Trek during the course of our days. That, and Stargate. Because not only is being part of a fandom really quite cool, so is finding people outside of the internet that are interested in the same things.

You may not always get along in some senses, but there’s always fandom to have a good and healthy debate about.

One of my friends that has been texting me recently suggested that I write today’s blog about him. As you can see, sir, that hasn’t happened, but I will at some point in the future I am sure. The world needs to know that you went to Hogwarts. And what you did there.

Happy Birthday Star Trek, thank you for giving me lots of memories and perhaps, a bit of moral guidance  too.

Take it easy folks,